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Finally...Level One!


Hey everyone,

I wrote to Customer Support today and asked what I had to do to hit level 1. I have been a member for over a month, a good rating, and could have sworn I had 30 orders. And wouldn’t you know it? Not only was I made level 1, but I am 70% of the way toward level 2!

The ironic thing is: now that I am there, aside from faster delivery, I don’t know what to promise people! LOL


Reply to @kjblynx: I knew I forgot to mention something. That is indeed what I plan on doing, more so for the three writing gigs…and the self-defense gig too, even though it hasn’t been ordered yet!



Welcome to the Level Ladder!! :slight_smile:


Spent some time browsing gigs similar to mine in every category…rephrased some of the gigs…adjusted delivery times…added the maximum amount of extras to every gig…I feel like everything is as tight as it can be for now!

I’m looking to make Fiverr replace my part-time job income on a consistent basis. I earn about $150 per week there over the course of 15 hours. Now, let’s say someone orders the maximum number of gigs they can from me ($20), and let’s say all my extras add up to another $60. That is $80 (minus fees of course), and I usually finish my work in less than 3 hours.

So I would be giving 12 hours back to my life…not to mention I can do this work from home!

Here’s to building!


gz for leveling up.I hope i will level soon myself,pretty close to lvl 1.


Talking to the three people currently running the roost in this thread has made me a better seller and given me lots of perspective. Everyone of these folks have a wealth of information that is absolutely invaluable.


Congrats on level! Very exciting!


Reply to @predyxx: Good job! I was scrolling through the category that one of my gigs is in (Writing and Translation: Creative Writing), and I saw my gig come up fairly early when I scrolled down the list. I don’t know how your position is generated, but it was exciting to see mine show up so soon!


Awesome! Good work!


Congrats. Thats Great. Keep up the good work!


Congrats on level up :slight_smile:

I just joined a week ago, hit 3 sales so far

trying to follow your path, seniors :slight_smile: