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Finally, lvl 2 after a month of hard work!

Just received a message in my mailbox that I have become level 2 seller. Having signed up Fiverr two months ago but was reluctant to start any GIG. My account was left empty for nearly a month. Only started my 1st GIG one month ago and was climbing steadily from nothing to lvl 1 in around one week and now reaching lvl 2 in another three weeks. Fiverr is a great platform to reach out to the pool of international buyers. Thumbs up FIVERR!!!

I would also like to thank all the buyers who have purchased my Gig! Thanks for the great opportunity to work with you all. Will do my very best to provide my GIG in reasonable price and to get them delivered in the speediest time frame possible. Cheers!

Congrats!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it IS fun on Fiverr, isn’t it? I created a membership then forgot all about it for 6 months! If Fiverr hadn’t sent me an email nudge, I wouldn’t have come back to play here, I think. :-"

Congrats on reaching Level 2, and have fun~!

Yes, its fun to be on Fiverr. Thanks!

Contrats for your success!

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


I am new but you make it sound fun and worth while.

Oh yea! Fiverr is fun, exciting… sometimes entertaining :slight_smile:

Best Of Luck and Congradts :smiley:

:slight_smile: Joe

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Yes, its the best online elancing platform for me!


congrats :slight_smile:

congrats :slight_smile: