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Finally Make A Living With Your Fiverr Gigs: One STUPID Way To Increase Your Conversion!

You’ve got a killer gig and you can’t WAIT to see the money just rolling in!

The stress is lifted - there’s no longer worry about how or when you’re going to pay the bills. With the holidays near, you’re overwhelmingly excited to see the look on your spouse’s face as they unwrap the ONE gift they’ve been hinting to all year!

Finally, you’re there to cheer on your little man during that intense pickle at his little league baseball game. You’re there to calm your teenage daughter’s nerves just as she’s about to take her driver’s test.

You’ve finally reached your financial goals. You’re finally earning a steady income from home, freeing your time, allowing you to spend it with those who matter most - FAMILY.

You’ve finally accomplished all you’ve wanted simply from successful sales here on Fiverr!

Here comes the rock hard truth - not everyone’s Fiverr story turns out like the one above.

It’s a tough hustle out here in the Fiverr world!

Truth is, someone is already selling a gig JUST LIKE YOURS and is making a TON of money!

You’re probably wondering, "How is someone, who is selling a gig JUST LIKE MINE, getting SO MANY SALES, while I’m making NOTHING?"

Why is that? Why is it that you’re selling a gig that other sellers are selling like HOTCAKES, while you’re lucky to make ONE sale a WEEK?

Ready for the reason? TWO words - DESCRIPTION CONTENT.

You’re not selling anything, not making ANY money, because you’re not saying the RIGHT THINGS about your gig in your gig description!

THAT’S IT! The one single difference between you and that TOP RATED SELLER is what’s written in your description!

Attractive, COMPELLING content in your DESCRIPTION is what will truly increase your sales conversion - EVERY TIME!

"What kind of content should I be including in my gig description?"

Well, it all depends on what it is you’re selling. When writing your gig description, always ask yourself these four key questions:

  1. Who am I trying to sell to?
  2. What is it I’m selling?
  3. What will it do?

    So if you’re tired of not seeing any conversion with your gigs, do me a favor and WRITE AN INCREDIBLY ATTRACTIVE gig description - you’re SURE to make more sales!

    If you find yourself among the many Fiverrers not making any sales, NOW is the chance to give your gig the boost it deserves!


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    Best of luck to you, my fellow Fiverrers!


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I’m following all of your posts, because whatever you write here is quite knowledgeable and mentally acceptable.
As far as these four points are concerned, I’ve been trying my level best to get my gig in accordance with these golden rules.

Nice Post. Great advice for new sellers.

Reply to @abidagfx: Yeaah, but you are at level 2.

@abidagfx: Thank you! This advice may be taken by more than just new sellers - even experienced sellers who have a difficult time with consistency with sales can use this tip!

Reply to @seochick101: You know the solution of all problems that users come across at fiverr I guess