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Finally, my 4 gigs out of 7 got ranked on 1st page

Finally, my 4 gigs out of 7 got ranked on 1st page


Since when have they been deranked? And did you do anything on them for them to be ranked back to first page or did you contact support?

2 gig are new and 2 gigs deranked last week and Just improved gig description and changed the gig tags. and did’t contact with support

That was my previous post

I guess I should change my gig tags too…

How long after the editing before your gig rank back to front page?

yesterday I did changes in description and now that gig is on first page. Don’t do too much changes. Do only small changes and be online and just wait Fiverr search engine will shuffle gigs after some time.

Thanks… my gig has been on last page since two weeks and I delivered two orders and also got tipped, still my gig didn’t leave last page… I’m so worried.

Same issue I have faced, delivered three orders and gig remains on third page. I did few changes and remained online

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Alright… thanks… I will just change my gig tags.

after doing few changes just do some wait, after one or two days your gig will be on first page

Alright… thanks… I really appreciate your response @faisal_saeed5

I will probably apply same cos my gigs have been on last page too

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