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Finally Quieting fiverr!

I joint Fiverr in November as a photo editor but do not get any order after thinking a lot I decided to deactivate my account and quit Fiverr. I want to thanks my Fiverr forum buddies for the good experience. :sleepy: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :frowning_face:
Have a look at my profile for the last time

The things what push away people from ordering you.
1.Stock footage used, of video editing gig, there is hundreds of people using same stock footage like you did for a gig.
2.Your spelling on gig information was with alot of mistakes.
3. To much stock footage used for your gig videos.
4. Not enough of samples of your own work.
5. Basic edits nothing special.
6.Service offered to expensive for start, with so low quality.
7. Not enough information on gigs what you really can do.


There is no causes without causes. Search for causes before quitting maybe there is a solution.

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Not so active, not enough skills to answer client messages, there can be loads of reasons.