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Finally reached $2k + received 2 negative reviews in one week. :(


Two years ago, I started making around $400-700 per month on fiverr, which excited me a whole lot. About half a year ago, I finally hit the $1k mark! Recently, I hit $2k and couldn’t be happier. Once I was about to celebrate and do my dorky happy dance, I received a fiverr notification on my phone. You know… the kind that makes your stomach sink… I received a 2.3 star review because a buyer didn’t understand the system and thought they couldn’t receive their work unless they rated first. Most of us know that’s NOT how fiverr works. In the review they said they refuse to rate a service that they haven’t seen yet… but they rated it anyway. (That makes sense, right? >_<) Their order was clearly delivered on time. I explained this to fiverr support and sent them screen shots. I received an automated response. How do I know this? I received the same one (roughly) for a similar inquiry months ago. Apparently, there was “nothing” they could do and can’t do any “favors.” I sent a review modification request to the buyer 4-5 days ago, and it expires soon. The buyer had messaged me right after I confronted him and he said he was able to download the file after all. Then he simply ghosted on me, leaving me with a negative review. With him being unresponsive and the support team unable to remove the uncalled for rating, I simply gave up.

But then, three days later… yet another 2 star review. D: Except this time, it’s was a 2.4. I felt like this had to be some sort of joke. My gig has 600+ 5-star reviews and only received a 1.2-star review a while back. (That’s yet another long story.) The thing that upset me with this one was the fact that it was a basic 5-dollar order but I provided work way beyond that price point. 100 words over the word count at no extra charge, I delivered early despite the fact that my queue has been over-flowing lately, great communication throughout, and unique, error-free writing. The order also came with one free revision, yet she claimed I use “templates” and that she might as well start doing work on here to make some extra cash (with a passive aggressive little “lol” at the end).

I do creative writing for a living and it’s been my passion since I was 12, so that template comment was total garbage. I read and re-read the bio… Maybe it wasn’t the best thing on earth , and I get that my writing style may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, I’ve written enough biographies to know it wasn’t awful. I’m open to the fact that it could have been better, though. If her feedback was more specific and constructive, I could have easily re-written it to tend more to her needs. I didn’t want to be a total sore loser, so I reminded her about her free revision and thanked her for the feedback (even though it was a bit immature) because it’ll push me to be a better writer. In the back of my mind, I was hoping she’d possibly reconsider her review and base it off of everything the package she ordered actually comes with. She refused.

I shouldn’t take this so personally but it would help if this didn’t all happen in one week! I can deal with the latter review, but the other one? That should not be on my seller profile.

My sales have since dropped…

But you know what? There’s a bright side. I’ve been working way too hard for 2 years straight now. It’s about time I took a vacation. So next week, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. :smiley: Perhaps the “negativity” needed to be there to make me realize I need to recharge my batteries!

/End of rant.


Enjoy your vacation.


My sales have dropped too. Hard to find buyers these days :frowning: and when you are completely dependent on freelancing, it feels terrible. I hope the time changes for both of us.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ve actually been afraid to hit that vacation button for quite a while. I’ve heard some negative things about it… like your gig disappearing from search results even after you return. But I suppose I’ll risk it anyway for the sake of my own sanity. XD


I think what bums me out the most is that I reached a peak moment and it quickly crashed with those two terrible reviews. It’s sad that something like that could impact your sales so majorly. There are MANY more positive reviews than negative ones, but I suppose that doesn’t matter to some buyers.

Best of luck, my friend! :smiley:


Actually, it’s how we all are wired internally. We forget positive things
about people when we see just a bit of their negative side.


The vacation button is my best friend :slight_smile:


It will be alright eva :hugging:


Thanks! The Wall-E+EEVAA head-nudge cheered me up. Lol. :smiley:


I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m sure your orders will bounce back.

My gigs are for cold calling. The other day I got an order in the middle of the night from a Korean company asking me to find US customers for an industrial product they make, which I knew nothing about (almost no one does). They didn’t contact me first. My first thought was to cancel, but I thought, “Well, let me try.” So I made some calls and left some messages, and ended up with 3 (!!) appointments, one of which wants a price to order 200 truckloads a year!

It was not enough to get 5 stars, though. Crazy!!!


Sellers are responsible for half of their success. They should treat us better.

What… you didn’t make a video blog post about it and stick it on youtube?
(they love that) I doubt you have the time + energy to help yourself take care of this… You will need to get him to communicate with fiverr support… and when it comes to having them remove the review… they still will ask one of you to do something… which will take time… In my case , they now told him to ask ME to hit the “Resolve Now” button on the order so I can pick the feedback modify button…
HOWEVER … The derps working at support didnt realize that order was already 2 weeks old and the funds are in my bank. … So … I dont get that option on my end… But you see… they dont know what they are doing sometimes… So … you gotta just say “Screw it” … like everyone else is telling me to do I guess…
Or find your own way to take care of it…

What it draws down to is… Support doesnt care. They are downsizing or swamped or something. They are inefficient at the moment and I hope it clears up soon. This whole idea regarding not helping the sellers with reviews is spawning a lot of threads here on the forum now… and rightfully so.

We need to keep speaking up.


Agreed! Support has been helpful in the past but now always. Now I feel like I have no support at all. If I get an uncalled for negative review that has NOTHING to do with my service, it will stay on my profile. The client still hasn’t gotten back to me but gets to use the biography I wrote for him on his website. I’m left with a tiny bit of cash and a terrible rating.

I’ll continue speaking up.

Maybe it’ll help…


They bounced back in a negative way, it seems. It’s almost like one or two negative reviews outshine over a thousand positive ones. Lots of my recent clients seem to be negative from the get-go and expect things to go wrong. Those are the toughest customers to please.

I’m sorry that anything similar to my situation has to happen to anyone else. But it’s a part of being a seller.


Ugh that sucks!

Have a great Vacay, catch up on some movies or something :slight_smile:

I know as artists it’s had to separate from the art we produce, im still learning how lol


Thank you!! A Netflix binge is certainly in order. :smiley:



Sometimes, despite everything you do, you can’t help but get that squeaky customer who’d do this to you. As a principle, I make sure I have all buyers contact me first. When they do, I ask them more questions that they ever had to answer in their entire life ( or time spent on Fiverr?). I am into digital marketing so inevitably the questions have to be there to help me understand clients, their businesses, and their needs better.

By the time a few questions and answers happen, I’d get a firm understanding on how the client is, what his expectations are, etc.

By then, I’d have the time to decide whether or not I want to work with the client. My reviews, hence, are mostly positive. I don’t think I had a negative review yet.

Keep up the awesomeness @authoreva :slight_smile:


i had a 3 star review and My sales have dropped too

last month i had over 40 order after 3 star i received only 4 order


Follow up: After a lot of back and forth with Customer Support and the buyer (and I mean A LOT), the buyer took matters into his own hands and finally changed his review to reflect the service I provided. Unfortunately, CS told me there was nothing they could do for me, but that’s okay. It worked out in the end. :smiley:

Let’s just say all the poking and prodding was worth it. If I didn’t, I still would have that 2.3 star review. Now it’s 5 stars. :slight_smile:

The buyer admitted that he simply was new to fiverr and didn’t know what was going on. No hard feelings.


It goes to show that you need others sources of income as well as fiverr. Something as trivial as a bad review from someone who doesn’t know what they are doing on the site has caused an impact on your orders. I use fiverr for around 30% of my work but I have looked for writing work in the real world too, so that I have enough to tide me over if fiverr is slowing down. I recommend it.