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Finally Reached 90% Completion Rate!


After checking analytics everyday and doing my utmost to raise my ratings, the miracle finally happened.

From an 87% completion rate I climbed to 90%.

So what changes have I made?

  1. I no longer go to Buyers Requests everyday. I believe those buyers are most likely to demand refunds if they don’t like the work. An order I don’t get is an order they can’t refund.

  2. I no longer refund an order the minute there’s problems. I will do the 1 revision I promised, that’s it.

  3. If a buyer messages me about an order, I remind him I don’t guarantee satisfaction or give refunds. If that kills a sale, so be it. Fair minded buyers are still going to order.

In spit of all this, I still manage to make more $$$ while reducing my cancellations from 16.19% to 5.64% (these are monthly percentages not calculated by Fiverr. I document everything on Excel.)


Excellent work. Keep it up! :slight_smile:


For me it’s actually the other way around. All of my best clients have come through buyer requests.

  • I get to pick my own clients. I can check their background if they have made any purchases, see how much effort they’ve put into the request and what are their expectations.
  • I can evaluate if I can do the project before making an offer
  • I can be sure that the offer has a realistic budget depending on the requirements

I guess it depends on the service if buyer requests works for you or not.


That’s an interesting experience, but wouldn’t you be happier if you were getting order from search?

Bidding is such as hassle. You have to search keywords, then read requests, then see which ones to bid, then open up pdf’s and word documents before you bid (some clients), then wait for your bids to get accepted, send samples, etc.

Wouldn’t you rather wake up in the morning or afternoon and find 5 orders, 10 orders, etc? That’s what makes Fiverr superior to its competitors.

I just want to make money with no hassles.


I see your point and I know a lot of users prefer Fiverr for the exact reasons you mentioned, but for me it didn’t work out. Every now and then I had buyers that didn’t read the gig description or wanted something that I don’t offer. In fact just a few weeks ago I had one client that ordered website revamp without talking to me and it turned out that he needed a Shopify site. All my gigs have the word “Wordpress” in them multiple times, even in the title.
Or another one ordered my gig to mimic someone else’s website, basically steal someone’s design which I refused and refunded.

I agree that buyer requests may take more effort at the beginning, but I’ve pretty much automated most of my tasks by now and even if I have to send 5-10 messages back and forth to discuss the project scope, I usually land the gig and I can take only 3-4 orders a month anyway.
Considering that I do only few orders a month I can’t really afford a single cancellation so I have to invest more time into vetting process. If this happens again then I’ll probably limit the number of gigs so it won’t accept new orders.


I see what you’re saying. I guess your situation is very unique. So far I’ve been lucky, most buyers don’t order by mistake.

My only tip is put the following in your gig description, in bold. I recommend the begining of the gig.

This gig is for Wordpress websites only. No Shopify please.

I like your gig description, by the way, it’s very well-written and concise.





Congratulations … :slight_smile:


It’s literally the exact opposite for me. Considering my prices are higher than most sellers, I find that any offers I send via buyer requests are just ignored.


My prices are not that low either, but I think that’s why I win those requests :smiley:
I don’t know for sure but when others are offering website redesign for $50 (some even for $5) then when a buyer sees an offer for $550 they are intrigued to check it out. Although I should mention that I don’t bid on unrealistic requests where a buyer is asking for a professional with $5 budget. I bid only on the requests where I have a realistic chance of winning it.

I’m not really a sales guy, but it’s rare when a user starts talking to me and I lose them. Once I explain what they will get for that money they will usually go for it. Of course if the price is too high for them then they won’t even talk to me which is fine because it will save me time.