Finally reached LEVEL 1! THANKS EVERYONE!


I am very happy to annouce my LEVEL 1 status, it took me 4 months, actually at first I had no confidence that I will ever earn some money, and now I am shocked that I got this far. I want to thank to all people of this forum, who helped me with their great tips. THANK YOU ALL, Nikihiphop.


That is great! Congratulations nikihiphop =D>


Congrats! I just reached level one a few hours ago. I’m very excited to use the new tools available!


Please check the forums before posting. Since you are a seller this thread should move to CHIT CHAT or MY FIVERR GIGS.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Congrats :-bd


Thank u everyone!




Congrats! On to level two now. :slight_smile:


Thanks @expertmarketer and @happyspace , I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Reply to @edwriter: :))) thnx


Congrats… wish you a great success.


Thanks alot @work_in