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Finally Reached Level 2...Sales Have Disappeard (?)

I worked so hard to reach Level 2 status thinking my sales would increase a little. But since reaching Level 2 a month ago, I have seen my pages views decline each day and other gig numbers drop each day. I’ve freshened up gig videos, tweaked my gig descriptions and tags…but nothing seems to be working. It feels like I’m slowly sinking to the bottom.

I’m going to hang in there…but I’m really bummed. I thought Level 2 would be a positive thing.

Reply to @odbtec: Same thing happened to me I got Level two but no sales slow

Yes it happen with me to getting very few order. before i was getting 10 to 20 order a day now only 1 or 2. May be less buyer coming to fiver reason getting very few message from client. so no worry its happen …

Am also facing the same thing,since my rating reach 1k

Since then i don’t get new orders,just repeating buyer coming back.

My rank is also sinking down,have tried all i can but still the same,so i just decide to live it like that and hopefully it will bounce back soon.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement!

I think sales have disappeared for everyone…

Yes… It’s part of the cycle. I have also past this process. I have only one year here and i have had 2 times without orders. One was last December/January and the other is this June. Maybe for my gigs are not good months. I started in Fiveer on May but until July no orders came. Be pacient, do the things well and the rest will come by itself. Do not stress. :wink:

Mine too!.. No order since February… Despite of having a high rating I don’t really know if they still see my gig… Hope orders will be back soon. Yours too guys, good luck!

its part of the cycle. hang on there don’t give up. @purpledog32

I’ve decided being a Level 2 seller is like being the middle child…top seller (oldest child) will have the advantage and rightly so…and new seller (youngest child) will be given an extra boost to get started off on the right foot. But Level 2 kinda gets lost in the middle and can go unnoticed at times.

I’m a Level 2 warrior and I’m not going anywhere!

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