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Finally reached Level 2!


Ahh, my goal is finally reached! After 5 months and lots of gigs, my Level 2 goal has finally been achieved, all thanks to my new gig I’m so happy, if any of you fiverrs have seen me lately, I’ve been scrambling to try and get this so that I could get here, and I finally did. It’s a great feeling. Anyone else that is wanting Level 2, you just need to push and push until you reach that goal!


I will be adding more gig extras on all of my gigs now!


Congrats. Keep up the Good work.


Congrats! I just reached level 2 a few days ago :slight_smile:


Congrats! I’m 6 away myself and eagerly awaiting the day! C:


It’s definitely a great feeling when you hit that, you feel like you really are accomplishing something and getting things done for yourself.


Oh I certainly agree! I’m in an odd slow period myself, going large amounts of orders to maybe 1 a week so it definitely builds the anxiety but I’m sure once I reach there, the pay off will be worth it and more. :smiley: