Finally reached the 1000 mark!


Hi, I am so happy to have reached the 1000 mark!

My mission was to complete my 1000 gigs and pay off my debts.


At first this was just about paying the debt, now I am so attached to Fiverr that it has become my main income source. And I really love the community. Thank you very much to all those who have helped me along the way. For your cheers, advice, assistance, jokes and all the great lessons! And thanks to my loyal customers haha!

I will still continue to do my best and deliver good service, blessings of perseverance and success to all! :slight_smile:

Oh and most of all, thank you Fiverr for bringing in the best opportunities!

Finally awarded TRS status!
I never really did anything different aside from prioritizing the customer's satisfaction. Feels so good, thank you thank you thank you! :-)


Reply to @jansmit: When I was new they had this thing called collections… And I contacted those who are usually at the front page to add mine into theirs so people visiting those will see my gigs. But unfortunately, they have removed this feature already. That helped me a lot back then though…

I also check the buyer requests everyday… And when people are interested in hiring my services I make it sure that they are satisfied that they would come back for my services…

There are also some times when I contacted the customer support to feature one of my gigs in the front page… Sometimes they did while other times they just bump it up in the section it was in. Oh I never made a sale during my first two months here, it’s just that one guy ordered a supehero drawing and he was pleased so he ordered a few more… After that, I contacted the customer support for the first time, since I already had 8 orders, maybe they will feature me even just a day in the front page. I got this advice from a topseller in the forum and it worked.

Now, whenever there are many customers I just try my best to please each of them and sometimes they will tell their friends and workmates about me. Much of my sales are through recurring orders and referals as my facebook friends are mostly friends and family who have very little interest in buying stuff online or friends who are added in there just for games. I also don’t have much participation in forums outside Fiverr, if I did it would be in sites where people wouldn’t really be interested in my stuff. So, I can say that majority of my sales are from within Fiverr itself. It might be cool if I had other methods but that’s just it. Thanks!


Muchthanks shellyann_marie and ezinearticles4u!

@kjblynx: I’m not really better, I just applied all the things we used to talk about and added a few samurai hocus pocus :slight_smile:



You deserve to become a top seller!






Congrats :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!!!


Congrats! Wow it is awesome!


That sounds nice, no debt :slight_smile:

Next milestone : “Top Rated Seller”.

Keep it up.




Congratulations on your success!


Good Job!


Thank you very much everyone, I wish you all success as well! :slight_smile:

thisko said: Next milestone : "Top Rated Seller".

Hehe, let us strive for this eh! :-)


congrats :slight_smile: !!


Awesome achievement - 1000 sales WOW!!!


Hi, five-r for your accomplishment!


Feeling jealous




congrats, thats awesome!