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Finally received and completed my first gig (and got a great first review!)

Hey all! It’s my first post in the forum and I would like to both share my experience and ask for any tips.

So I’m a guitar player (a fairly okay one), and with the Covid-19 pandemic that has been going on, it’s obviously not been a great idea to leave the house to play gigs or do recording sessions. Earlier in the year, I upgraded my home studio and signed up for Fiverr. My hope was to catch a few session recording gigs and make some music from home.

I set up my gig, priced myself low to start, tried to use the best keywords and waited. I also promoted the gig where I could online. I also post guitar videos to Youtube once in a while, so I made sure to include my Fiverr link in those video descriptions.

I waited some more, and finally received a message. It was a spam message! Damnit!

A few weeks after the spam message, I received what appeared to be a legitimate inquiry about my gig. This buyer needed help with his songs, and I was thrilled to help! After some communication and sharing my ideas for one of the songs, the user purchased my gig. I recorded and delivered the guitar track for the song and completed my first gig. The buyer was fantastic to deal with and I gave them a great review, and in turn received an equally great review with five stars!

So, although this took some patience, it was a fulfilling first experience. My question is, now what? How do I get that second gig? And the next? …and so forth.

Any tips or experiences that anyone wants to share?


Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face: