Finally sold my first gig!


Nothing is better then selling that first gig! I finally got one today and sent in the work with tons of time to spare. It took a little over a week to get my first order but it was worth it. I hope my customer base grows and grows! And I hope to all the newcomers like me don’t give up! Hang in there and be patient. :slight_smile:


Congratulations, fireraven! It does feel good, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:


Hope you have an awesome Fiverr experience! :slight_smile:


It does! I was close to giving up too. I looked on the blogs to see what I could do. Made a few comments and the next day bam! Lol


I did! The customer was very nice and left a great review and I was told to expect them again! :slight_smile:


I hear you! It took me some patience at first. That is so cool! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! It’s a great feeling and I hope you get many more orders :slight_smile:


Thank you! I hope I do too :slight_smile:


Congrats! The best feeling ever :smiley:


Congrates !

Between, can not you see your own tarot card reading for your future on Fiverr ? Just curious.


Yay!! Balloons!!
Hugs, May.


congratulation , hope you make it big.