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Finally we can see reviews on buyer's profile! [ARCHIVED]

Finally a much awaited and desired option has now revealed. Reviews given by sellers to buyers are now showing up on buyer’s profile. However only reviews are showing up and not the star rating.

But i think it is very good thing finally happened after so much debate and suggestions from sellers. :slight_smile:

P.S: I just checked buyer’s profiles are updating instantly when seller give review in reply to buyers feedback.

Thank You Fiverr!!! Love It :stuck_out_tongue:

Admin Note: This was only briefly true and and is still not available in February 2016. Thread closed to avoid confusion.

@fonthaunt Nice find. I will check for this.

Has anyone seen any negative comments/reviews on a buyer’s page? I was looking at a few buyers just to see what the change looks like and I saw all positive reviews. That seemed odd so I went to look for buyers that I knew had received some bad reviews. The bad ones did not show up at all. Makes me wonder if the results are deliberately filtered to make buyers look good. I’d love to know if anyone sees a buyer with negative comments.

Reply to @mrproofreading: exactly.

Fiverr does listen but takes too much time to implement this type of much needed options :slight_smile:

I miss the Big map. lol :smiley:

I love this feature too!

It also helps if you’re experiencing problems with buyers, as you can see their sign-up date.

Reply to @fonthaunt: YES negatives are not showing at all. Only Positives.

I do not understand if fiverr do not want to show negative then what is point of making this change.

Reply to @wingle: The only thing I can think of is that the sellers kept asking to see buyer feedback and Fiverr wanted it to appear as though they were responsive. Maybe they thought no one would notice the lack of negatives.

@fonthaunt @wingle If they have hidden negative reviews, then it’s a very poor approach from fiverr.

Reply to @mrproofreading: I searched and searched and viewed many profiles. Even i spot those buyer profiles in which seller gave them negative but unfortunately negative feedbacks are not even appearing on their profiles.

This is so unfair. And no point of having this new feature at all.

Am I the only one not seeing feedbacks on buyer’s profile page or was this feature removed ?

Reply to @thextremewp: It was removed just a few days after it started. It was fairly useless even from the beginning since it turned out when they did reveal buyer reviews, they only showed 3-5 star reviews making buyers appear to have no negatives.

Sellers caught on and when they had a bad buyer they were forced to leave a 3 star review and write in what the problem had been. Then the feature was removed entirely again leaving buyer behavior relatively secret.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thank you for your reply also the CS just replied to my query and they seem to working on this feature I hope it arrives soon! it’s a must have feature.

Hi All, I am new here. I was surprised to see no reviews for the Buyers in their profile, and their profiles look very lame and pale. Every buyer I interacted with, so far, looks like a Brand New buyer on Fiverr. I normally tend to avoid brand new buyers, as most buyers also avoid brand new sellers (like us, on this site). Then I searched the forum 2 minutes ago, and found this post. Read through…

What is the status now? Is it actually removed or I am restricted to access?

It was online for not very long, sellers rejoiced and then it was removed again. Your only option is to go to Google and type something like [username] Fiverr reviews and hope they review sellers and then click through to find whatever they said. The feature may or may not be reintroduced in the future. It’s a mystery.