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How much is does a solid used car cost in India? When I went to India I was surprised that you could get a full time driver of your car for $100 US a month!!! I also think that the car horn was invented for India :slight_smile: LOL! In Hyderabad cars were packed in with bikes, motorcycles and animals and my driver was hitting the horn every 5-10 seconds!


I bought a dirt cheap car just a couple months ago (not for fiverr money though as nothing has actually made it all the way to my pocket), had to do some repairs to get it running but i never have to spend too much on repairs as i do all repairs myself.
For me a car is just another tool that allows me to do work further away and transport materials etc. As a painter a car is also a nice way to advertise. Thinking of doing some airbrushing on the car.
Or ill just use it for a while and sell it for a profit once the gig i got it for is completed.


I have the same car that my father bought for me when I was in college 16 years ago.My mother always tells me to get rid of it and buy a fancy new car, so that she can boast about it to her friends, neighbors, ex-colleagues from her old bank and my dreadful relatives. But I don’t care about impressing other people, and don’t care what anyone thinks about me. I don’t mind buying a new car, but that means taking money out of the bank or from stocks and putting it into a car, which means giving up on a sizeable capital, say $15,000 to $20,000 and worse, giving up on the 7-8% interest I am earning on it right now. But my mom doesn’t understand that I really don’t care what others think/say about me. I live my life my way.


My car cost me $17,000 when I bought it (my father bought it) 16 years ago. Car prices haven’t changed much in India since then. If I wanted to buy the same type of car again, it would cost me $20,000 - $22,000. There is not much of a difference between price of cars, electronics and other products in India and in the US. Even real estate prices are similar. A Mumbai or Bangalore real estate in a nice neighborhood costs nearly the same as a comparable property in Florida or Texas. It’s the people who are cheap. Labor costs are very low. But a section of the population makes a lot of money and prices are high because of them. 95% of the country is priced out.


Talking about $100 a month, my first salary was $100 a month…it was at a call center…because of Uber, drivers today make $2000/month in Bangalore, they are much better off than the fancy office workers they carry around.


In Finland on a new car i think the value goes down by around 40% when you drive it out of he store.

I would most likely still have my first car too, but it caught fire when my neighbor did some welding work for me. Had 2 cars burn, and a third got turned in to a carpet when i stopped at a stop sign and a semi truck driver dropped his cell phone when coming up behind me. Now im on scrappy but safe car number 6 or 7 but i mostly drive my 50cc scooter due to insane fuel costs.

I still have half of a hubcap from my first car (got the car 3 years before i got my licence and worked on it with my day until it was roadworthy).

With your 16 year old car, just think of it this way - in 16 more years you will have a rare classic car.


I am considering buying a $54 Guerlain lipstick. Is that a good idea?.


Platforms come and go industries change, freelancers adapt.


Sure, once you bought it just use it to create some art - make a huge fuss about your unique $54 lipstick art until you get some media attention then auction the art starting at $540


Nah, you don’t even need lipstick for that. Just don’t make your bed and don’t clean it for a week. Voila: art has been made. Tracy Emin’s made a career out of it–used condoms and all.


Funny you should mention that. I have been thinking of making art out of old lipsticks. You are intuitive.


@writer99025 The best and very sensible advice not only for Indian sellers but also for everyone. You are saying right . Freelancing income is not permanent, we should utilize sensibly :slight_smile:


What if the guy is buying car for business and put it on uber with a driver. People here in Pakistan are doing it and of course earning handsome amounts.


I would say this advise is for every person who just started to make some money. It’s pretty obvios that spending your first earnings right away instead of saving or investing is a bad idea.