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Financial freedom. How much do you need to make, to quit your day job?


I’ve written before about being financially independent. I’ve made it in my country using Fiverr.

Every country is extremely different. There are countries where minimum necessary income is much higher than others.
Everyone is talking about quitting their day job or having both jobs coexisting with the cost of time taken from our lives.

How much do you need to make in fiverr to quit your day job?

Do you think you’re going to make it without problems?

Have you made it already?

Share your experience without crossing your personal limits :wink:


In Slovenia, I would have to make 2k to live sweet but normal life. I am still far away from this, but I work hard to get there once. :slight_smile:


I am a teacher so I work at nights on fiverr when I get home in the evenings. Here on fiverr, I make more than I do as a teacher and I am able to live okay on a teacher’s salary. I could quit my day job (I’ve actually done that before and freelance only) but two jobs are still better than one. One is also secure and the other isn’t.


Fiverr is a large part of my “day job”. And I don’t provide answers related to how much I make. That really isn’t anyone else’s concern but my own. :wink:

There will always be problems and challenges with every career choice. This is normal. Assuming that you can only succeed without problems, will end up being a big problem for you.

If you mean, have I found success? Then, yes, I have.

If you mean, have I reached the peak of my career goals? There is never a true top to goals. A true businessman will set goals, and once he has achieve those goals, he will set even higher goals. There is never really a point at which “you have made it”, because anyone serious about success is ALWAYS striving for something greater. Always.


I guess it depends. I have a hubby and a roommate, so I don’t have to make it by myself. That makes it easier for me to lower the bar on what I would need to make in order to quit. I have been freelancing since April and doing it full time since November.

However, I do have other necessary expenses, so in order to me to survive, I need to make about 700 a month, with the bare minimum being 500. Thankfully, I surpass that bar. Then again, I am not taking freelancer taxes into account