Financially Savvy Indians - On Mutual Funds


Obviously there is only one here… @ghemachandar1 bhai. Koi mutual fund ka idea de do bhaiyya. (Give me some idea on mutual funds brother). Which mutual fund to invest my precious Fiverr money in? Particularly interested in index funds…koi acha sa mutual fund/index fund ka naam batao (damn…I hate this translating…give me names of some good mutual funds and index funds.) :+1:


I’m a little confused, if there is obviously only one person here you are addressing this to and you hate translating, why not use a forum PM? This isn’t intended as rudeness on my part. I’m just thinking that this post doesn’t seem like a public post. Good luck with your questions.


Yeah, I don’t like using PM, it is intrusive. Also, figured the advice can help all Indian sellers here.


Fair enough. :ok_hand:


@writer99025, You are asking someone who took laziest way to MF Investments, lol! :joy:

I have gone with ScripBox. It’s an Bangalore based finance firm which is more like an Advisor + Mediator for Mutual Funds. They recommend just 10 mutual funds every year and automate the process of account creation and fund transfer with the MF companies.

The list is made public and here are the 10 for 2017:

SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)
ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (G)
L&T India Value Fund (G)
Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund (G)
Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund - Retail (G)
Axis Liquid Fund (G)
SBI Ultra Short Term Debt Fund (G)
Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G)
DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund (G)
Any Time Cash
Reliance Money Manager Fund (G)

It’s been a great experience with them so far. Ultimately, the relationship is between you and the MF company; so did not see any risk. But if you are investing in lumpsums >10L, I would recommend to go directly with the MF companies.

Wrt Index funds, I think within an Index basket they are all same across all companies. So you could just go with any reputable company with low charges.


Thanks for that! That’s what I wanted.


Does Scripbox only offer advice or do they handle investments as well? Can I invest through them, or rather invest directly through my trading account (on Kotak)? What do you think?

Okay, you gave the answer:

They recommend just 10 mutual funds every year and automate the process of account creation and fund transfer with the MF companies.


Yes, they will handle investments as well - but only into the 10 MF they recommend. During setup ScripBox will ask for ECS ‘auto-debit’ mandate on your Bank account and then will auto-transfer the money as per your Investment plan (Monthly SIPs or one time lumpsums). Beyond this point, you’ll be receiving account mails/e-mails not from Scripbox but directly from the MF companies.


Okay, thanks for that…I am considering whether to join through Scripbox or to invest through my Kotak Trading Account…interestingly enough, I have a small investment in Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G) from my pre-Fiverr days…it has gone by over 100% in just 4 years, very impressive.


Nice! But… “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related
documents carefully.” :wink:


@ghemachandar1 bhai, if you don’t mind can I send you a PM on Scripbox, let me know when you are online, want to have a quick chat on that. [To prevent any misunderstanding from others: PM on Fiverr Forum, Scripbox is a mutual fund company]


I’m online right now. Sure, do send a PM.


Sure, sending…


Learn scalping, it’s easy.(Also risky for some people) I know people who have average of 20-50% ROI per month.


Want to publicly thank @ghemachandar1 bhai. This is the ONLY thread so far in my almost 2 years of using this forum which has really, really helped me. The rest were only for entertainment purposes. I hope other Indians follow this thread closely and follow the advice.


Much appreciated, @writer99025! :slightly_smiling_face: