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Find a good writer?

I have now requested two writing gigs. I have selected English as the native language. The writings delivered to me have been middle school quality. Horrible English and grammar. How do I find a good writer that provides quality and useful material?

It really depends on what you need. When you search for any service on Fiverr, you have to keep in mind that it’s about finding the right seller for you, taking care to read reviews and communicating with the seller.

There is a wide difference between searching for a writer to do a full e-book vs. an essay, for example. Also, some people are very happy to spend $5 to get a lengthy article and fix errors themselves. Others want something higher quality and if their budget is still low, it may mean accepting something brief instead of lengthy or something that takes longer to receive. Reviews matter, but if you pick someone who has an obviously rough gig description but good reviews, it probably means their buyers have been OK with that and it doesn’t mean that is a match for you.

If you need something like a copywriter’s service just to write you a list of titles for your business, you probably don’t need much communication prior as long as the gig description is good. If you need something more complex, though, you would do well to contact the seller first, explain your need, and see what kind of communication skills the seller has when writing back. After all, a gig description might have been written with help and does give you much guarantee. Even if the seller does speak English as a native language, it doesn’t mean they have the best writing skills.

I hope those tips help. Another thing I would suggest is to always start with a small order first. If you need something that requires more than 1 or 2 gigs, I wouldn’t order that until you’ve completed an order and been happy with the result. it’s worth a few dollars to know what you’ll get in the future.

One tip is to always email the seller first before you pay for the gig. Ask them any type of questions, then you will get an idea of how they really write. Many gig descriptions have been polished up by other people so it might not reflect how they truly write. So that is the first way to find a good writer.

The other thing I am wondering is how long was the writing piece you bought and how much did you pay for it? If you are expecting a really, really long piece of writing for $5, you are not going to get too many good writers who are willing to do that. So how many words did you buy in these two gigs and how much did you pay? This will play a factor in finding a good person. Really good writing, costs really good money, it does not come for cheap.

You can also only seek out high rated gigs and look for sellers in your resarch that way too and see if you find anyone. It’s not always a guarantee though but for some things can be a good rule of thumb.

If they have portfolio samples, read them, also check their reviews. Check how they describe their gig. If they’re strangers to you, hire two people at the same time and see who does better.