Find a way to make use of the Favorite button!


So while checking one of my gigs recently, I noticed that the number of favorites it has is actually 6 times the number of reviews it has.

This got me to thinking - have 250ish people looked at my gig, thought “yeah, I am really going to need that so I will bookmark it for later” and then never come back to me!?! If so, how can we change that; how can we get those people back again?

I then had the thought that perhaps there could be some way of Fiverr following up on those for us, sending a reminder every so often or whatever.
After that, I got to thinking, Imagine if I could send those people a “special offer” message saying they will get the service 20% cheaper, a bit faster or with an extra something included. I think for many services, that could be a real winner.

Of course, there are spam-ish/abuse hurdles to climb over with any of these approaches BUT, if it was limited to certain sellers by level, total sales figures etc, it could cut back a lot of spam. It could also be limited in that we could only make an offer like that every 2-3 months for each gig. Only people who had favorited it would receive it and an opt-out would be available to the buyer. Buyers would only get this once etc.

Just a thought for those of us who want to be busy all the time and are prepared to try new things to make it happen.

Edit: Just thinking - Imagine if Fiverr did send out something like that and I got 200 orders within a day! Hmmm, maybe it needs more thought - some sellers have 100k faves on gigs :smiley:


Would be nice to give a discount for repeat buyers as part of the final delivery message. Is that allowed?


Yes, that is allowed as long as it is unconditional (as in it doesn’t say "give me 5 stars and I will give you a discount) .
I used to do it quite a bit, not so much any more as they seem to come back anyway :smiley:
But really, it can be effective as can offering a Fiverr Anywhere special offer which acts as a discount code so you don’t even need to get into discussion about it - just set up a sweet sounding FA (lol) and explain it in your delivery with a “Click this link to get your exclusive offer”.

Hmmm, I think I need to start doing this again!


I don’t want to sound desperate however and that could smack of it. As you say they come back anyway and now they don’t mind spending a lot.


Yeah, my explanation above is quite basic but if you do it well, it could sound like a nice deal, a token of your appreciation of their custom.


My whole thing is that they are appreciative of me. At least that’s how it seems to work.

I could tell them that was an introductory offer and the price goes up each time.


Couldnt hurt for you to reciprocate it though.
I am sure you do anyway.


I don’t say thank you directly. They say it to me. I know how bad that sounds… It would be odd in my profession to be thanking clients.


I send a “thanks for ordering” message usually. In the delivery I am more about the order itself.
I am more thinking “out loud” here in terms of what might work well. And besides, I do appreciate when people place orders and are easy to work with. I would happily discount a bit for those ones.


I thank them with continuing free services. I don’t stop answering them like others do in my category. People come to me asking why such and such seller wont talk to them any more, or how the other person’s spell should work since they can’t get them to answer.


Ok, you win.


I don’t know about the follow up emails, but there is a section on the home page that lists the gigs you’ve liked. I see it every time I open up so it is a nice reminder (Although it shows only the most recent gigs)

Every once in a while I do get emails saying “Looking for logos?” etc and sometimes it even has a few that I’ve liked, but I can’t say for sure if there’s an intensional logic behind it or they just send the gigs I recently viewed.

Anyway, I like the idea of receiving emails about gigs that I’ve actually bookmarked as opposed to random gigs :slight_smile:


I knew someone on this forum would have an excellent idea one day…

This could be gold, Eoin. My 2 cents would be to have a discounted price which sellers could set in their gig page for favorite clickers. Then I’d scrap that annoying ‘buy again’ gig selection I see every time I login to Fiverr and replace it with ‘Especially for You.’ In this area, you would then have gigs which people have favorited appear at the discounted rates set by sellers.

This would avoid the spam issue and well… Could actually help people mek sells. - That and make Fiverr buyers feel special.


This can be abused.
If you want to get a discount then like a few gigs and check which one comes back with a discount :slight_smile:

OK, it’s not really an abuse, but probably something that buyers would do.


Hmm, not a shabby idea! :thinking:

What if people on this forum say they’ve favorited your gig, would you then offer a special deal or something extra special? :smiley:

Wouldn’t it be cool to see who actually favorited our gigs? I mean obvs for the Sellers :eyes: only!

Um, I’ll have whatever you’re drinking – one condition tho as long as it isn’t an alcoholic beverage.

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That would be scary because mek-sells would start pinging you.
However, I don’t usually bookmark mek-sells and I can block them once they contact :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, I was debating how much I would like to receive such emails myself so it’s good to hear that.
I think it would have to be a decent offer but @cyaxrex(‘s?) idea re a “gigs you have faved” section could be a great addition/alternative to emails.

Stay tuned Andy(s?), at my current rate, my next good idea is only 2.5 years away.


It would be kept secret and randomized. Plus it would be up tp sellers if they wanted to offer a discount. You could also make it a one time only thing for buyers. - It could be abused but it could easily be set up not to be abused.


As long as they create a mystery algorithm behind it, I guess I’ll vote for it :slight_smile:

To be honest, I think they already use it in their search algo because it would be a waste not to. Why wouldn’t you try to push gigs that a buyer has already shown interest in :slight_smile:
Although I don’t have any proof and I’m too lazy to investigate :smiley:


I experimented more than I care to admit with this theory but to no avail. Well, a negative result is still useful to know I guess.
My not very scientific result was that no, there was no correlation.

It’s a pity too because it would be perfect karma for all those fave exchange people if the only people that showed up when they searched were the no-hopers they had exchanged reviews with.