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Find buyer In social media


Where are share my gig.


Well, where are your customers located?


share your gig in social media like twitter, linkedin, google, facebook etc.


Already shared but no result


Randomly posting your gig links to your friends on social media is NOT going to work. If you want to gain sales from “social media marketing”, you are going to have to be connected to your customers – not your friends. Your friends are not going to be the ones buying your services; the people who need your services – your customers – will be the only people that can make you successful.

Please don’t plaster your links everywhere and think that is an effective form of marketing that will bring you endless sales. Odds are, you won’t gain any sales from that “strategy”. If you want to be successful, connect your services to the people who need them.


Thanks for reply,
But where are search my client which platform