Find good seller



You can go to your category and sub category and check for highest review person.

Check his positive feedback and professionalism.

After that you can choose him freely.




  • Sincerely, Experienced Buyer.


Is that a “Find good seller” method?
There are millions of newbie out there, and they are far better than high rated Sellers.
I even saw some fake people/fake profile including googled images, copied gigs, plagiarized gig description, etc. with higher reviews. Now, I’m guessing the reason behind it! :thinking:


More reviews doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best, most have just been here for years.
You should always look through a sellers examples, read through their feedback, and message them to make sure they can do what you need.
I don’t buy here much but have a few times and most were not top gigs but still did an amazing job.