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Find out if you are a victim of black magic through vedic astrology


I will provide you an excellent analysis of your birth charts and determine if you are under the curse of Black Magic. Contact me now for a custom offer.

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Black Magic can ruin your and your family members’ life. It has the potential to play havoc with your Health, Wealth, Love and Marriage. A normal astrologer does not have means to detect this cursed misfortune. If you cant understand why things are going bad for you, know then know that you could be a victim of black magic. Use my highly specialized Vedic Astrology services to detect Black Magic and get remedies for its removal. Ask me for a Custom Offer now and change your life into a positive one!

Vedic Astrology has been practiced for thousands of years. The earliest writings can be found in the Vedas - the ancient spiritual texts of the Indians and the oldest books in existence, written 5,000 - 80,000 years ago. Its Indian name is Jyotish, which means “science of light” because it is the science of observing the celestial bodies that reflect their energy and light upon the Earth, therefore influencing the course of human events. Next time when you order an Astrology Reading, ONLY go for the Vedic. Western Astrology is inaccurate by a WHOLE sign as compared to Vedic Astrology and hence inaccurate for doing any serious/detailed readings.Furthemore, Vedic Astrology has far more advanced features and applications then Western Astrology.

It would be an honor for me to work with you now or some time in future. Many Thanks and i would like to say that you have a wonderful profile. Keep up the good work!

Lots of Light and Love,
Farid Jilani

A partial list of my custom reports (available as custom offers):

1- Career
2- Marital Life
3- Love Life
4- Health & Well being
5- Finance & Wealth
6- Progeny & their Well being
7- Property, Inheritance, Investments
8- Personality, Character
9- Remedies & Gemstones
10- Astro Diet and Nutrition Recommendations
11- Spiritual Healing
12- Destiny, Luck, Fortune
13- Relationships
14- Parents
15- Siblings
16- Death
17- Psychological Healing
18- Sexuality
19- Litigation, Lawsuits and Enemies
20- Black Magic/Evil Eye
21- Your Lucky Name, Number and Dates
22- Astrological Mantras and Yantras
23- Saturn Return Period (Sade Sati Analysis)
24- Past Life
25- Karmic Debt & Curses
26- Reincarnation
27- Moksha (Final Liberation from Birth and Rebirth)
28- Mangal Dosha / Manglik Effect (Malefic Mars Effect)
29- Muhurta: Finding Appropriate time to do anything in life.
30- Prashna / Horary Astrology Service.
31- Relocation, Immigration & Travel Abroad
32- Primary & Higher Education
33- Talents & Creativity
34- Business & Partnership
35- Government Service
36- Charity & Humanitarian Work
37- Politics
39- Spiritual Progress
40- Extremely Powerful Spells

For a custom report message me now and request for a Custom offer.

The Vedic system applies the real position of the planets used by astronomers against the background of certain fixed stars (or unchanging from our perspective). It is called the “sidereal zodiac”. Hence, in the past the term Astronomy covered astrology as well as the study of the physical heavens.

Western astrology is based on the orientation of the Earth to the Sun, and applies the “Tropical zodiac”. It is inaccurate by a WHOLE sign as compared to Vedic Astrology and hence inaccurate for doing any serious detailed readings. Furthemore, Vedic Astrology has far more advanced features and applications then Western Astrology.

Magic is a mystic art of rituals or using supernatural powers to influence or control events, people and Nature with techniques like voodoo, witchcraft. It can be also called a sort of hypnotism, though its methods are different.

Forces behind Black Magic

It works on the following principles:

The magic is based on natural and supernatural forces, which exist along with other four basic forces and these are numbered as fifth and sixth energy. The scientific basic forces are:

  1. Weak Gravity
  2. Strong Gravity
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Weak Nuclear Power
  5. Strong Nuclear Power
  6. Natural Command
  7. Supernatural Force.

Is there a cure for Jinn, Evil eye & Black Magic?
Are the Jinns not superior to Humans?
Is it possible for a Human to catch a Jinn?

Black Magic is one of the most strong evil rituals present in the world today. Get the answers to your questions about Black Magic, its cure and removal from a Vedic Astrologer / Mystic who has more then 20 years of experience in Occult Sciences and Meditation.

Many thanks. Looking forward to serve you the VERY BEST!

Heal Your life Career Health Wealth and Relationsihps with Vedic Astrology

Pray this: In the name of Jesus Christ, I command that all evil forces and persons and black magic leaves me alone imidiately. I command in the name of Jesus Christ, that all the evil angels and beings depart this room (part of the room ) imidiately. I set up now guardian angels all around and in the room to protect me (us) from devil and his helpers, in Jesus name, amen. ( It’s free! )