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Find out where your sales are from


Do you ask your buyers how they heard about your gig? Doing this may get you some valuable information that you can use to improve your gig and target specific buyers.

Other than asking buyers, you can also get some basic analytics on who is looking at your gig with this method that I use.

In my gig description I have a link going to a page with more information. (Which is actually a picture with text on it that I uploaded to Flickr because Fiverr doesn’t allow other external links.) I use a URL shortener ( for the link and through there I can see some analytics on who is visiting that link. Google’s service ■■■■■■ also offers great analytics for shortened links as well.

Gather the information you receive and use it to improve your gig.

I’d love to know if you plan on doing this or if you already are in the comments below.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Yeah I got one of those warnings not to long after I added an outside link to my description. (Totally outside link and not shortened.) I uploaded what I had had before to Flickr, shortened the link, and I’ve had that up for a long time so I would assume short URLs are allowed as long as they direct to the sites they allow.


I would think twice about using a url shortener other than the fiverr one. There are a couple of reasons. The first one is that fiverr can see you are promoting your gig if you use theirs and this can be of benefit to you… The second one is most of them ( non fiverr shorteners) can be manipulated and data extracted from them and if you do not want other people looking at your stats and copying your traffic sources and doing other nefarious things I would be careful of this.