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Find Out Where Your Sales Come From



I heard this in the podcast. In your buyer requirements, place a question asking where people found you. Make it a must answer. So far, the insights are great. I know what keywords have been used to search for the service that lead to me. I can adjust my tags based on that. I also know my sales so far come from Fiverr searches or Google searches based on keywords that bring up my service on Fiverr. Helps me know how to advertise.

Pretty neat idea.



Thanks for sharing


This is actually an excellent tip. I don’t listen to the podcasts regularly, so thanks for sharing this.


Your welcome. The pod has great info!


That is pretty good info. You could be the podperson and relay the nuggets of info for those of us who don’t listen (I personally would prefer a transcript as I read fast, so it’s more efficient. That’s work though, so nvm.). I am due a general gig review so I might just slot in this question while I’m doing it.


How can I get new leads with keywords?


I would love to be on the pod. Have not seen a new pod in a while though. Thanks for the kind feedback.


Search Fiverr for your gig. So if you do logos, search logos. See what comes up in the search box, see what tags sellers in the logo category are using, and adjust your tags and keywords in your description to meet what people actually search for.


@carolynbutler - I love the pod. I would love to be on it! Have not seen a new on in a while!


@mewan_rose Thank you!


That’s actually a pretty good idea! Thanks for sharing!


Already doing it. Really helps.


Great idea, maybe this should be implemented automatically…Fiverr team here you go… :wink:


It’d be great to gain insight into how users find my gigs. Even just a general, non-specific idea could help me to target my efforts.