Find someone to write Amazon product listings


We mainly sell LED light on Amazon and we now looking for someone to write product listing for us, as for the product listing, it includes title, feature and description. The followings are the details of your project:

1.Project description: We mainly specialize in high-quality lighting,we need to find a person who is experienced with making Amazon product listing to draw traffic. this kind of work includes product title, feature and description. So it will be perfect if you also good at key words researching(I mean SEO).

2.Writing style:professional tone

3. purpose:

(1)making Amazon products listing is aim to optimize the product description in details.

(2)make the product listing closer to American local style.

(3)draw traffic then make more purchase(orders).

6.Special Instructions:

product feature only needs 5 tips.

product description also need to include key words that are useful, there is no words limitation.

If you are interested with this kind of job, please feel free to contact me. :slight_smile: