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Find the Snake! Toughest One Yet!


See this photo here? I’ve been meaning to share it for a long time. It looks like a normal everyday photo of a few leaves, but trust me its not!
It has a snake in it. Just try and figure out where it is! :smiley:
Trust me, this is the toughest one yet. Took me a good 20 minutes before I could find the snake!

NOTE: If you already know the answer beforehand, please blur it out so that others get a chance to guess. Let’s not spoil the fun :slight_smile:

Status Check! :)
Status Check! :)

Sorry I don´t know how to blur the picture. I can only blur my texts. I know the answer.


Tough one isn’t it? :smiley:


For crying out loud! I’ve been starring at this photo for the half hour or so, and I seem like a maniac leaf-lover to those around me. My brain cpu is fried. Moving on :smiley:


@velocigraphtor Yes, it was tough. I already knew the answer coz I have seen this game somewhere on the internet and I got the answer :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Can I post it?


@fitrigwrites4u of course! I must say you must have a razor sharp attention to details! :smiley:
But if you could only blur it for now after posting it, it’d be nice…its fun to see everyone so confused over this pic! It’s mind blowing! :smiley:


@Woofy31 IKR? People at the metro thought I was going into a coma, the way I kept staring at this pic for a solid twenty minutes! :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried to blur the picture in my previous comment, but turned out it was only the texts got blurred, not the picture, so I withdrawn my comment (look somewhere above). :slight_smile:


@fitrigwrites4u Yes you’re absolutely correct! On top of that, you figured it out yourself! That is amazing!
I can’t even find the sugar at times and often end up putting salt in my tea! :smiley:


@velocigraphtor NOOOOO, I didn´t figure it out myself. LOL. I got the answer from a website.

So this is the story, a page on Facebook posted an article on a website about this game. There is a hidden cheat sheet on the website where I can know what the answer is. Otherwise I wouldn´t have found out the answer. :slight_smile:


Lol! I think the person who took the photograph is a complete genius!
If I were in his place, I would have ended up in the hospital :stuck_out_tongue:


@velocigraphtor Hahaha! Yeah, the photographer is a genius :slight_smile:


Haha yes! I also got another one, which is easier I guess.


Oh my eyes, my eyes.

I can’t see it on either one. :persevere:


So you understand the pain I went through! :stuck_out_tongue: Snakes are master of camouflage it seems!
Anyway, @fitrigwrites4u managed to figure it out! :smiley:


@velocigraphtor I know the answer to the 2nd photo. Can I post both of the answers? I am so tempted! :grin:


Yeah go ahead! :smiley: It’s proven that it’s officially the toughest puzzle yet! :stuck_out_tongue:


@velocigraphtor Thanks. This is the answer to the 1st photo.


@velocigraphtor This is the answer to the 2nd photo. :slight_smile:


Good that I didn’t make a bet…I would have lost miserably! :stuck_out_tongue:
Way to go @fitrigwrites4u :smiley:
Okay I’ll post one last snake puzzle :stuck_out_tongue: