Finding a GoAnimate seller IN THE UNITED STATES!


I am a fiverr newbie.

I am tired of hiring someone who is supposedly in the USA and then having to speak in single syllable words so they will understand me.

Everyone SAYS that are int he USA and uses an American sounding name (“Mike Smith”) but I finally clued in that I could see their “local time” and they are always 12 hours or so different than my local time. They are were lying when they said they were in the USA>

I am not a xenophobe but I want to hire someone in the USA (or Canada).

Can I specify that in a customer request without the PC Police stopping me for not being a good world citizen and hiring on merit rather than location?


What about Australia, NZ and the UK? Plus there are quite a few sellers like me who are native English speakers who live abroad. I get your frustration as you probably have quite a lot you want to communicate re: your video ideas, but I wouldn’t discount the rest of the world just yet.

Obviously buying from someone who is lying about their location is a no-go, but you will have to put in a bit of footwork to find the right seller for you. As far as I know there’s no way to search for sellers by country (and let’s face it, it would be ineffective…)


There are also some great non-native sellers here. If you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel price wise, that might be the real issue here.


Yes you can say you want someone in Canada or the US but how will you know if they are telling the truth?
I hired a designer in Sri Lanka who is absolutely amazing and communicates perfectly in English. I do understand what you mean though. Communication is crucial.


Thank you for your replies… sometimes it’s just nice to vent.

I am definitely not scraping the bottom of the barrel price-wise. I am very willing to pay someone well. I have been paying $60 per 1-minute animation, but tried one guy at $380 ($500 Canadian!!) but the results were about the same. I would gladly (OK, begrudgingly) keep paying $500 per video, but I cannot afford to pay $500 just to FIND OUT if the guy is going to be any good.

I think I would just feel much better if the subtleties of what I am explaining were to be understood.

Anyhoo thanks again for listening to my rant! :^)


Sorry, but $380 is way to much to pay for a 1 minute explainer or similar video made using Go Animate. That might court a little controversy but you’re basically talking about someone spending 2-3 hours max creating a video out of several pre-provided scenes characters and animation effects. In the meantime, a professional design studio outside of Fiverr could create a completely custom video for you for about the same money.

In fact, I’m a bit shocked how you are prepared to pay this price knowing that your seller is using Go Animate? Usually, sellers like this get away with charging sky-high prices as someone thinks that they are paying a pro animator.

If I were you I would shop around a little more.


What would you say is a fair price? I’m genuinely curious.


I agree, $380 was way too much. And trust me, I didn’t do it again.

But like emmaki said, I thought that maybe I was just being too cheap and thought that maybe spending some money would end my frustration. It didn’t work!

I will continue to pay $60 per video for now and use them as place holders in my project until I find the seller I am looking for.


I’d say $60-$70 max. However, this would only apply to Go Animate rendered videos. (These and any other videos made using online software platforms).

I say this, as all you have to do is look around on Fiverr to see that almost every ‘animator’ is using Go Animate and every video they create uses the same stock characters, background scenes, and props. In this case, if Coca Cola were to buy a video they could very well end up with one which looks identical from a branding point of view to a Pepsi video.

It’s simple, people simply shouldn’t pay top $ for something which isn’t really unique.


Makes sense to me. I must give their free trial a whirl soon. Mind you, if I do every get around to this I’d be asking for more, but that’s mainly because of the script on top.

I certainly know what you mean about the samey look of these videos. There’s some JVers flogging what looks like GA skins with all the usual hype, but what really grinds my gears is the AWFUL whiteboard spinoffs.

Shame, I remember being really impressed with them when they first came out. Now it looks like some kind of “type the words in and the magic hand writes it and draws the pre-rendered caricatures”.

If you’re reading this, @david_ff, this is one of my major issues with “must have video!”. No.


Doesn’t the client have to pay $70 for a license to use it though? (or the “animator” pay for a license to sell it to someone else to use it?)


Anyone who makes animated videos needs to pay for an agency licence but in my case this equates to $39 per month, not per video.

As for passing that licence on to Fiverr buyers, I don’t really know how that works. Fiverrs TOS already states that copyright for any work belongs to the buyer after delivery and payment. This being the case, sellers charging for commercial licences are really just charging for something which is included anyway.


Have you tried messaging them first, before placing an order? Just a few quick messages can show you whether you can communicate with them properly.


I read on the go animate site that in addition to an agency license, if you wanted to sell the video to someone else to use, then you had to buy a $79 license transfer, in order to sell it to them (if that makes sense?). The agency license just gives you the right to be able to sell the videso to someone else (for a fee for every video) It was the one thing that put me off using it - but so many people seem to sell these videos so cheap, I always wondered how they did it - maybe they just don’t pay that license transfer fee?


There are plenty of sellers selling stuff on Fiverr without a proper redistribution license. The video intros category is full of people setting templates from websites that exclusively state that the purchased templates can only be licensed to the purchaser and if they had to sell it, they will have to purchase the commercial rights to the templates.
I guess it is possible to get away with some easy money on Fiverr. The buyer is going to be affected in the end. The buyer can even be sued for this.


The work belongs to the buyer after delivery and payment IF the seller has all the rights to the work he has created for the buyer in the first place. If the seller wants to use a particular video for commercial purposes (ie sell them to a third party on platforms like Fiverr), he will have to purchase a commercial re-distribution license on the website he has originally sourced the work from.


Sorry, but your wrong. If I was to go onto a video intro site like Envato studios, take some free work and modify it for a client, I would have to pay for the commercial license to do this before hand.

In like manner, if a seller makes an animated video online, the same applies as by selling such work, you as a seller are using it commercially. A commercial licence DOESN’T only apply if a buyer wants to use the work commercially.

In fact, I’m shocked that you seem to think that it’s okay to sell work from a third party site and only pay them for commercial use if a buyer wants to use the work commercially.


I never said that it is ok to sell work from a third party site … noo no. That would be crazy.

I was just saying that sellers here are creating videos with templates without having the rights to do so. I don’t think envato has a redistribution license on their templates. I might be wrong there though. I believe they do state that the template can be used by only a single party and every other party would require a separate license.


Are you looking at their reviews? And really you should be able to tell after the first 2-3 messages if they are native English speakers 95% of the time. When I read my inbox almost everyone has an american flag above their name but they clearly can barely speak a word of english to get their point across. They figure that they wouldnt get business from people if they didn’t look american I guess…

Anyway , look at their reviews … and look at how they responded to their reviews.
If you dont see some absolutely amazing ones in there SOMEWHERE … then … well… theres probably 100+ more of those gigs to sift through I’d imagine. Are you using some sorting filters and level filters? Choosing to make the search engine show you the best ones , etc? And also , the best gigs arent always on the first 2 pages … Fiverr’s search engine is very strange.


Ya, but if you scroll down to the bottom of Go Animate’s Pricing page, it says that you have to pay 79 dollars per video. If Go Animate new about all these fiverr sellers, there would be very few animators on Fiverr.