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Finding a job

Hello. I am new to this site and haveing trouble with a few things like where do I look for jobs that I would like to apply for in voice overs.


You will need to create a gig on your profile first.
This gig would have to relate to the voice overs you want to do.

Afterwards, you can go to the ‘buyer’s requests’ section located under “selling” when you click your name on the top right.

Then you’ll be able to apply to people looking for voice overs.


Smokeeyyjoe: I am fairly new in the VO category. Couple of things helped me:

  1. Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service to avoid common mistakes
  2. Look at the Top Rated and Level 2 Sellers in VO and duplicate what they do, such as Gig Title, Gig Description, Pricing, and Extras. Start at $5 for 200 words as a suggestion, with 24 hour delivery
  3. Always be polite to every Buyer, even if they’re not.
  4. Be Patient and Persistant
    Good luck.

Smokeeyyjoe, some tips are available here:

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Smokey Joe, try putting some audio examples on your gigs since you do voice over work.
I use VO people but like to hear their voice in action before I buy a gig.

You need to find the keywords that people requiring voice over gigs search for. Maybe reword your gig titles to include the words Voice Over or your gig won’t show up in front of the right buyers if at all.

Hello, you have some work to do on your gigs. It’s going to be difficult to get buyers for your voiceovers without any samples of your work on your gigs. Your gig descriptions also need to be longer.

Cotton Eye Joe?

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First I advice that you create your voice over gig and more, if you have more things you are very good at.
Then, go to “buyer requests”. They are always looking for people for voice overs.
Send your gig there and if they like you, they will contact you!

Good luck!


Hi …

Add more gigs in your page.(apart from voice over)…and if you have a will for the success deferentially …fiverr will support you and people like in the forum also will help you!
take care.

You have two gigs listed under your profile, both about voice. Suggest you add voice samples to your gigs for buyers to check out your voice tone/quality etc.
This will help showcase your profile when you apply for any task on buyer requests!

Happy Selling!


I’m very new to Fiverr. I’m looking for a job opportunity. can you help me how to start it. I’m confused between buyer and seller. I posted my gig 3-4 times but it has been rejected. Kindly help me