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Finding a seller for long term collaboration

Hi everyone!

I am on the look out for one (or several) sellers to build long term relationships with, and I would like some tips on how to recruit.

I am not looking to recruit here, do not apply

I have already ordered 20+ gigs on Fiverr, most were a good experience. I am now starting a Digital Marketing Agency and would like to offer my clients logo design services and outsource them. I also need from time to time help with bulk photo editing (typically after a photo shoot for a business).

How do you think I should go about trying to find someone? I was thinking of posting a request, explaining the process, and do like a questionnaire to find out more about the sellers, as trying an order with everyone would be too costly probably… Did anyone do something similar before? Any suggestions?

Kind regards and thank you all in advance for your help,


I can’t answer your question, but caution:
Resellers really don’t have a good reputation here in the forums.


Ok that is good to know, thank you very much.

Any particular reason?

Some buyers have been taken advantage of.
They’ll buy from who they think is a creator, then the reseller doesn’t deliver what they ordered, because the reseller bought it from someone else but couldn’t give detailed specifications.

Some sellers have been taken advantage of.
They are ordered from, but after the seller delivers, the ‘buyer’ tries to get them to cancel the order. Or, the reseller says their client isn’t satisfied with the results, and the actual order isn’t something the seller can do.

Unfortunately, the forums is where both sides come to vent their frustration, and since we don’t hear of any cases where it goes smoothly, we thus only hear the bad.


It’s pretty simple to be honest. Order services from a seller. If you like their work then order again when you need to. And again. And again. Don’t mention long term at all. I have lots of long term clients (some 3-4 years) and none of them mentioned it - they just order when they need to.

If you started a conversation by talking about a long term relationship with me I would likely give you little attention. I haven’t counted the exact number but from the number of people who message me about long term relationships, I would estimate around 9 billion people are trying to make money without doing much (they call it arbitrage).
These people generally want the cheapest work, more than what they pay for and ultimately aren’t the decision makers on the final delivery so they are really really annoying to deal with as they go to check things with their client and come back a week or month later to ask for a “little change” which turns out to be completely different from their brief.

So, if you want to pursue this idea then simply order from people. If you want samples for your site then order and pay for them. If you want to discuss about creating an order process for your clients, ask about a custom offer to cover the seller’s time. Don’t try get help with the promise of future work - no self-respecting seller will give you this and you will end up “partnering” with some incompetent desperate seller. You don’t want that.


Don’t disclose the “long term collaboration” plans, do disclose that you will be reselling the work. This way, you’ll avoid hitting two major red flags at once: promising “a lot of work” before completing a single project together AND (secretly) not being an end customer.

I’d create a small-ish test job, select applicants based on portfolios/reviews, hire some, select a couple based on results. This way, you’d have a plan B in case your first choice isn’t available anymore for whatever reason.

Logo in particular is a unique product that you can buy for $50 and resell for $500 with a bit of polish and some management skills. No one really wants to get paid $50 and then plow through $500 worth of revisions. I’m being a bit dramatic with numbers but that would be an overall idea of why some freelancers might reject the idea of working with resellers.


Do you also need writers on fiverr for it?