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Finding Anyone who can help me

Hi I am a Frequent Fiverr shopper and I am finding a seller who can help me. Recently I am thinking of making money online or having a passive income stream. I want to have a website or something like that. I currently live in singapore and recently facing retrenchment. So I to have someone do something that can generate income. Or even magic spells. Willing to pay good price for it. Let me know and thanks

No one ever earns a living with magic spells.

You need to have a skill, that others would want to pay for.

You can do some “not genuine” work like giving fake likes, fooling people etc but that won’t last for long.

Think about some skills that you have or can have through further education and practice.

Then you can look for freelancing sites like fiverr,freelancer,elance etc there are quite some amount of freelance websites if you take the time to do some research on google.

I have been working on fiverr and one that that i have learned is that your target customer needs to feel satisfied for you to success.

Find something that people want and you have the resources/skills to provide.


I can help you with this… Send me a message if you’re interested, thanks!

You can message me and we can have a talk about your skills and how can you offer some real good services based on your abilities . :slight_smile:

I will teach you how to do software after effects intro video and insert logo
provide some samples for you
instructions for your specific
you only need one computer with good graphics card
ram> 8gb
contact me :D :D

Hi Guys sorry if You got the wrong idea. I am a fiverr gigs buyer but not a seller. I want to find he best fiverr gigs to help me get out of ny 12 hours 6 days a week job. Anyone who have websites or can do a money generating site can contact me. I will pay up to 100 for it or more. :slight_smile: Thanks for the replies

You need this eBook,