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Finding Art As a Musician

I’m kind of surprised that no one has made a post for this. At least not one that I’ve seen. Fiverr is my go-to place whenever I need something like a logo, banners, album art, that sort of stuff. It’s always been hard to find these, though.

When I’m down in the logo design category, I’m never able to find a gig to get a logo done for my brand/name. I have to manually search “DJ Logo.”

When I’m in the social media design category, I’m never able to find a gig for Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud.

Yes, I know there’s an album cover section, but what about the other things artists like me need? It’s just hard.

Please add a section for these things under the graphic design section. Or, add it to industries. Right now, it’s so much more work than it has to be.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Specifics like style are part of the required meta-data Sellers must include in their gig, for that exact purpose. The search engine does have issues, I agree, but if you know the name of the style you want, it’s a bit easier to search for.

Fortunately, you’re now on the forums, and can ask here if you have questions about how to best search for a style or technique!


Well, yes that’s true. Even then, it’s still a lot harder than it has to be. I haven’t been able to find someone to do the art for my socials. I see stuff for streamers, youtube, facebook, just nothing for what musicians actually need. I’d just love it if they could add a sub category for it.

You all are right, Fiver lanches new features day by day but needs to focus on previous ones first. I have not meant that fiver is not good fiver have extraordinary service but needs some improvements.
As I have gigs and know how to work better to satisfy the clients but still orderless… :sob:
Maybe it’s my fault because I am too late…

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You can ask for any illustrators that draw in the style you are looking for. I’ve got a couple of requests for album covers (3 so far) it just happens that all of them ghosted me when I said yes… for some reason. :sweat_smile: But I’m pretty sure most illustrators, even if they don’t have a gig specialized in album cover would do it.


Quite true, @zreine . Just because an illustrator has a gig specifically for ‘YouTube thumbnails’, as long as you give them the dimensions/ratios/canvas size you need, and other technical things like file types and specific hex codes, they should be able to produce something that meets your expectations.

Just be willing to listen to an artist if they make a suggestion for your vision.

(Short story time!)
I had an order for words-spelled-out-with-objects. The buyer took my input into consideration for most of it, but ignored when I pointed out that they already had four animals in the word, and another object would have suited the theme word so much better. I get it, and went with what they wanted and they were very happy with the result. I was disappointed that they settled, when it could have had deeper-meaning and complexity.


Forget being so specific and look at artists who make art you like, that suits your music/purpose.

Once you find someone you like, contact them. The only real requirements for a modern digital album cover are that it is square and however many pixels any place you put it needs (Apple I think are still 4,000x4,000). If it is to be printed, get the fact sheet from the printers about sizes, bleeds etc.


Be understanding with talking to people and upfront with your budget. I know I hate having musicians start long conversations with me about Mixing or Getting Heard and it turns out they expect full studio + label results from $5 or less often when they don’t even have a song they have courage to sing in public. Troubling.