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Finding Article Writers/Proofreaders using Available Now

So, I just wasted 1.5 hours (probably more) trying to find article/blog writers using Available Now and just plain “cold” search - I am so disappointed.

I went through dozens. All the article writers have either

  • Incorrect spelling, punctuation, overall grammar was atrocious
  • Incomplete sentences
  • My pet peeve, spacing - how can an article writer not use space after a comma :confused:

Also, what is up with article writers and fake profile/awful gig pictures? Yes, your gig pictures count. If you think I am exaggerating, try it yourself. Type in the word “Article” on 5r main site with your A.N. on or not, and see what you get.

Who on this planet told you to create article/blog writing gigs when you can’t freaking write? Just venting here! 5r definitely has shortage of real, professional, article writers that can write!



All the books and gurus and courses and CDs stating that article writing is easy money.


I want to find these gurus and give them a piece of my mind!

Well, folks, I got news for you all - They lied!

Article writing is an artform, it’s hard and it takes time to learn to master the skill. A writer has to know how to research in minimal time, put forth coherent sentences, and must understand the skills necessary - - - not just punctuation but make it interesting. (Okay venting again)


Do you really think they’d care? They got their money from the unsuspecting folks trying to find a way to earn a living, and that’s all they care about.


But they’ll make you “100% Copyscape pass contents guarantee dear”. :wink:


Hee, hee, hee! :rofl:

That’s for certain!


Oh, yay!! I found one that looks really promising, level 1 seller! :slight_smile:

Or they use two spaces… shudder


This is why I have to go on vacation mode so often, because as a pro article writer, I get way overbooked… (which I know is a nice problem to have). But yes, greater attention to detail from other writers (pro badge or not) would win them a lot more work.


Another quick aside here - with a few exceptions, you can’t get great research and writing for peanuts - $5 is just not enough for most people to spend the necessary time doing the research, outlining, writing, editing, and reviewing necessary for a high-quality piece.

Now, I am not saying people should be hiring Pros with our prices, but I would say expect to pay a minimum of $20 - $30 for a good 500 word post, and possibly up to $40 - $50 for an excellent one…


That’s what people don’t appreciate! The writing itself takes minutes. It’s the research and editing that takes up all the time.

P.s. Triple posting, Paul?! To think I had you down as a gentleman. :wink:


Funnily enough, my Steam username is “Caspian the Gentleman” - Guess I had best go change it…


Paul -

I’ve hired and paid up to several hundred for articles on 5r. Some article writers have an inflated price point but when I get the product it was like my 11-year-old niece can write better. This one guy that I paid quite a bit of money, gave quotes like these:

  • “Plagiarizing is bad and should not be done.”
  • “People not buying commercial license are bad people.”

This guy definitely like the word “bad” as he used it over and over again in the article that he custom wrote for me. I paid him almost as much as you charge.

Higher price on 5r does not necessarily equal to better quality. I like to test the sellers with a short article - not for publishing but for testing only for few bucks to see what I get. If it’s great, then I :heart: the gig for future use.


Dang it, the level 1 seller is not online.

He had his Available Now on but when I sent him a message, I received “This Seller is OFFLINE because of timezone” message.

I guess he must have forgotton to turn it off.

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Gina, if you don’t mind my asking, what’s your main use for Fiverr articles?

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I am collecting several dozen articles for a blog that I am trying to create later on this year.

So far I have about 2 dozen and need few dozen more. I’m falling behind.

The articles consist of different areas such as:

  • How to write a synopsis, book blurb, format a book, find a book agent, how to write a bio, etc. (author stuff)
  • Gaming from computer such as the “Rise of Vintage Game” to “Origination of Soccer”, etc.
  • My hobbies which could be anything from fashion for women (international), Wildlife/animals of Africa/Asia such as Lions, Tigers, Elephants.

My blog will be mostly for writers but occasionally, I’m going to break the monotony by putting something totally off the cuff with my hobbies and gaming stuff.


I agree. It’s annoying to see so many who can’t write doing this. It’s not a rare mistake; it is almost total illiteracy.


Some were even level 2, granted slightly over 40ish review but still they sold 50 gigs.

Who’s hiring these folks?


The same thing can be said for translators too…:expressionless:
It’s too bad that so many people who buy translating gigs just have blind faith/trust in some of those sellers, especially the ones with a good number of ratings. If EVERY buyer asked another native person to check the translated work, the lies will be exposed so quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with your search Gina, I hope you can find a decent writer!!


I know I provide high quality content for clients but just last night I offered to write 500 words at $10 for a client, his response was " that’s too expensive, article writing should be cheap". How do you deal with clinets who won’t appreciate the value of your work?