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Finding Article Writers/Proofreaders using Available Now

I just used the feature only 3 times, I think, but the last time I used it some weeks ago, it had been updated so that you could set a time yourself to terminate it, or I think it would turn off all by itself even after 1 hour if you’d not reactivate it.
However, I’ve seen several posts about the feature not working correctly and sellers who had turned it off on their part, apparently were still showing as online to buyers and got penalised then for not replying. :confused:

The spacing mystifies me, especially when no space, one space and two spaces are used all within one text. I’d always thought that writers are people who at least used to read a lot before they became writers, how can you possibly miss the prevailing spacing conventions - even if you didn’t have any formal education and have an insurmountable dislike of grammar books, it should dawn on you at one point that there’s a space before a new sentence starts?
Oh well, it’s a helpful pointer at least for some buyers, I guess.


Perhaps the spacing thing could be because they’re typing from their phones?

I don’t know, I typed my pretty long post on my phone, of course I make some typos and autocorrect hits sometimes, but it’s much easier to tap on the wrong letter on your phone than to forget a space, and you should at least notice it when you’re looking at your profile/gig description? Can you even post gigs from your phone, I thought not?
Not to mention that i sometimes but not always correct my typos in a forum post, but surely any seller would check their gigs/profile page at least once?

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Sorry, I meant sending offers to BR (and in a hurry, too, to be the first one). You’re right, it’s not possible to post gigs from your phone (or maybe is, if you’re doing it from a mobile browser?), and proofreading your gigs if you offer anything in the writing category is a must.

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Ah yes, that could be, of course, I’d only been referring to Gina’s OP point of having gone through dozens of seller profiles. Replying to BRs or messages of course will often happen on phone and on the go, I’m trying to keep myself from replying in situations when typos/autocorrect issues are bound to happen, more or less successfully…

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Oh my gosh! Translation is another thing I’m afraid to put on Amazon. So far, I’ve been lucky as I’ve gotten most of them verified - including the 3 you had your friends check for me. Thank you for that! :slight_smile::sparkling_heart:

I didn’t pay attention to the green “online” dot. I never do, because many sellers never turn it off and pretend to be online 24 hours a day.

I feel bad. I know I screwed up his response rate. Well, next time I’ll remember to look for it being on. :frowning:

I don’t work with them. I am a Pro seller, so my writing gigs start at $100 for 400 words - that tends to filter out people with lower budgets.


It baffles me that people would not use the right tools to make work easier. Typing an article from a phone would be like trying to climb a mountain with one arm tied behind your back (well, not quote, but you get my point!) Using a proper keyboard would likely double or triple the speed of writing, meaning more work completed and more money in the bank.

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Don´t feel bad, either he didn´t turn it off and went AFK, which is his problem, or it was a bug, which is Fiverr´s problem, none of it is your fault, either way.

That green online dot BTW doesn´t seem to be worth a look at currently either, since my gigs aren´t ever showing with the online seller filter anymore, my “green dot” doesn´t ever go green anymore too. It´s just permanently on grey now, I guess they are trying to repair the online seller filter.

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You mean you avoid clients like this one who I just very politely tried to advise that what they were looking for would be counterproductive to their needs:

Hi Andy, ok thanks for your time. I think you may find that the 500 word article thing is already a bit “old school”. There are loads of findings that longer articles (obviously properly written) are way more successful both in engagement, sharing & SEO. I’ve also had a lot of senior SEO people in London confirm this. Anyway all the best, I’ll keep looking. Cheers.

I love it when people you try to give some friendly advice try to passive-aggressively educate you how to do your job. What I love more, however, is when someone then orders a premium package for $60 from the land of I’m Not A Raging Sociopathia.

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Indeed - I find my “Quick Response” options grow almost weekly. I have also taken to adding “Please note this price is not negotiable” to the end of many of my responses.

Another point on this too - I realize I am very lucky to be a Pro, which gives me the ability to charge the prices I do - part of that came from having an independent freelance writing business outside Fiverr. It’s why I think that Fiverr is just part of being a successful freelancer.

I would advise anyone to diversify their revenue streams, build a portfolio, and find out what is unique about your work. That way, you’re not just dependent on the expectations and prices expected on just one marketplace, no matter how awesome that marketplace is.


Thank you, Paul, for this valuable insight. I have been thinking about how I can diversify my revenues and you’ve just given me the perfect solution.

My question to you is how do you build a portfolio of writing service? I mean do you display the articles you’ve written? How do youdo it?

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Yes, I have a portfolio of all the work I have completed - I have a clause in my contract that states I can share work I have completed publicly, unless a client asks me not to (and fewer than 5% of clients ask me to do that.) If you want to view my portfolio, I am not had to find online…

Quick thinking - I have already found you. What a wonderful website! Thank you for this information I think you’ve just shown me the path to achieving one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Surely, there are a lot of good things to learn from you.


A day should come, I wish, when I could vent out like this against the buyers. :grinning:

Seriously, every other article buyer that I send offer to, wants the sky but won’t like to pay a fair price for that. Even after reminding them repeatedly: Please check your requirements vis a vis my pricing.

But nothing doing.

Granted, he/she has the sellers tumbling over each other to bid lower and lower. But then, for God’s sake, don’t insult the words like Quality and Original. They are not cheap. Never were.

Real, professional article writers are out there - and they don’t make rookie grammatical mistakes, that’s for sure. But the question is: Are there buyers professional enough to see that?

Well, in my experience, It takes one to recognize one.

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A few times, when I had overflow work, I thought about turning to Fiverr to have my peers do some articles I couldn’t get to in time. Looking at the available “sellers” quickly cured me of that and sent me downstairs for more coffee to fuel creative crunch time. I’d rather work longer hours and have my professional identity attached to something I could be proud of!

You want to know what’s really up with the lack of talent, even in supposedly promising sellers? I was just doing a Copyscape-searching favor for a fellow forum-ite dealing with having her gig text blatantly stolen and used, so I was like…eh, I’m already in Copyscape, let me toss in my own gig text and see if anything pops.

Boy was THAT an eye-opener. Not only did I find more than 8 active sellers on Fiverr that had copied my entire bio, word-for-word, changing only the first name, there were even more on Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. that had copied my gig text - again, word-for-word, and passed it off as their own. I was disgusted. They had been SO lazy that they didn’t even fix the formatting that had clearly broken in the cut-and-paste process. I meticulously reported every single one, complete with screen grabs from Copyscape highlighting the matching text.

These are people that can barely string together a coherent English sentence, let alone anything with the barest hint of panache, out-and-out stealing gig text and bios from strong Fiverr performers. That is why there’s such a disconnect between the way they sound pitching themselves on a gig page and the lackluster, barely legible results they vomit out.

I hope every one of them gets booted straight off of Fiverr. There’s no greater sin in my professional world than content theft, but to use it to impersonate a writer? Beyond the pale.