Finding Favorite Sellers


I find it very difficult to locate favorite sellers, it would seem that there should be a way to mark the sellers you prefer and they keep notes on what they sell, I have purchased over 125 gigs from Fiver, and I would love to use some of the same people to do additional gigs but I can’t find a way to locate the favorite sellers like we could in the old Fiverr.

Also when you do find the person it is difficult to repurchase from them, I have several people that I would like to reorder from but when I do locate them it doesn’t allow me to purchase additional gigs from the.

Fiverr is NOT user friendly and it is a shame because it is a great service… Reminds me of the ObamaCare website.

rollix said: Fiverr is NOT user friendly

Actually it really is! You're able to collect gigs and keep them in a easy place for you to find, or you can go through your messages or order history at any time since they can't be deleted. Nothings changed in that department compared to the old site you just have to learn to navigate! :)