Finding fiverrers outside Fiverr by mistake...?


You know how Instagram has DISCOVER section? I like to follow random people, I see that one phone and if I like it, I follow, then I click on their profile and if there are interesting photos, I follow that person on Instagram.

One of those people, it clicked like a minute after I followed that I seen somewhere else. It is a Fiverr seller that is one of the 4 or so active gigs.

It was utter coincidence. Do I unfollow? I haven’t said anything but I am sure that person’s instagram gave that person the notification that someone followed them. that person has over 8000 instagram followers.


Why should/would you?

I mean, do you actively use Instagram? Would you be bothered by them following you? Among us sellers, I see no need for some tight-lipped business only secrecy. Even for buyers, a Hello! Human Being here, with a kid and a hobby (or whatever) won’t hurt, will it?

Apart from that: nice! I’m a sucker for those Small World moments.


Short Answer: Yes.

Others might explain…


You’ll need to explain DJ - with all the people on Instagram and all the people on Fiverr, surely there’s bound to be an overlap - I’ve got a Venn diagram in my head at the moment!


oh Lawd, I am being asked to explain a lot today.

I shall take the ROLLLLLLL OF THE TEECHA then.

Well, this was a discussion on the forum before and the admins confirmed it. I really cannot recall the topic so here’s the short of it.

You know how you are not even supposed to sell the SAME type of services from 2 authorized account from the same location.
This has something to do with that.

Fiverr CS rep messaged a person, that if that sold service to their grand mother, then they are technically not allowed to talk to that person, since it violates the agreement between seller and buyer.

Meaning, this could be used to incriminate your sale and invalidate it.

Makes sense?

Now everyone can say, well we are not buying and selling with each other, blah blah blah. Just getting to know each other.

Sure, fine, just don’t go telling the whole world on the world wide web about it.

Fiverr ambassadors, regularly talk, chat and skype with the other ambassadors.
But they don’t come here tell you about it, and its for a reason.



Ah right - gotcha - thank you!


I hope I can translate this:

That about sums it up?


Ju got it mang! :thumbsup:


I am not going to propose or meet this Fiverrer. I only have one order with this Fiverrer, another Fiverrer I have 12 orders or something like that with that person over the years.

The whole “don’t communicate outside Fiverr” thing, I understand why. But there are “i’ll mention your product/service on my podcast” “I will link/upload your advertising banner on my popular blog” type gigs. I would never order that type of gigs without knowing your blog, or listening to your podcast and looking at stats of your podcast/blog.


Oookay. While I understand the reasoning behind this completely out of touch notion… good effing luck with that! :smiley: