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Finding Gig Requests

I started as a buyer here. I am starting to become a seller. When I was a buyer I would post gig requests and let people bid on them. I assumed I would get notifications if someone posted a gig request in my area of expertise. That has not happened. Where can I find these gig requests?

Buyer Requests only show up in the category you have a gig in (as a seller) and I see you only have one gig up in a very limited category. Being in a limited category can benefit you since there is less competition overall.

When it comes to buyer requests, though, that can mean you only see a few at most. Sometimes none at all. One thing about Fiverr is that if you are a seller, the best early plan is to promote your gigs anywhere and everywhere you can. Answer buyer requests that do show up, promote on social media, advertise in the forums here but only on My Fiverr Gigs, etc.