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Finding it difficult to withdraw my earnings from Fiverr to PayPal for the first time

I couldn’t withdraw my earnings from Fiverr through PayPal For the first time as I tried to add my gmail to as requested but no confirmation or any message to show that the payment is being processed on email. Kindly help. Thanks


There could be many factors in place here. Is your Paypal a verified account? Also, you might want to double check if you linked the right paypal account e-add. You will usually get an email from Fiverr saying your withdrawal was successful and an email from Paypal about the amount you received.

Thanks for your response. Please do I need to create a PayPal account first before linking the PayPal email to Fiverr ?

Check this out:

Thanks. I will like to know if I need an existing PayPal account before I can link that to Fiverr

It is explained here:

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