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Finding No Buyer Request

Hi forum
I was inactive for a few months Than I’ve come back last month and edited my gigs. The problems began there. Since then I’m finding buyer request total 5/6 buyer request and none of them is what I’m searching. I’ve checked the categories and sub-categories many times, they are just perfect. Now what should I do ?


Buyer requests are constantly updated when Fiverr publishes buyers requests. Just keep looking. As to them not fitting your criteria, I’m pretty sure Buyer requests are matching your Gigs. Example: If you have a Tag/Category offering WordPress - then every buyer who puts there category as WordPress, you’ll see there requests if you’re fast enough.


samE here :frowning:

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Yes, Same situation :neutral_face:

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same is here also… :frowning:

I’ve already done about 17 jobs from buyer request… but from the last month, I’m not finding any request related my gigs. Is it a technical problem or I’ve done anything wrong with my gigs?

Check this it will help :slight_smile:

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