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Finding the right person for my vids


Hello Fiverr users,

I am new to the platform, so i wanted to ask, how can I hire someone for a special kind of YouTube video, i used to ask for help to a partner i had, but i am no longer associated with them. The point is that it might contain *Soft Voru and I am well aware that not everyone feels comfortable with fetishes… I am willing to pay much more than 5 dollars of course, to compensate.

So, how should i refer to the artists about this?

Please don’t judge me.

Thank you!


you posted this under the wrong category. this is not a tip.


Where should i do it :frowning: i am new to this, sorry!


I haven’t got a clue what it is! I can offer a psychic cat video - would that be any use?

PS This is not a shameless plug!


the conversations category seems like a better fit.

@offlinehelpers I suggest googling his request first… :wink:


Thanks a lot for the advice!


I did - can’t find anything - it’s maybe better not to know…

I’ll move it


Perhaps you should try Buyer Requests instead of the forum. On the forum not many people are going to discuss this kind of sensitive topic and they can’t include links to gigs even if they had a gig for something like this.


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