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Fine Time to Introduce Myself


…now that I’ve posted a dozen or so times already on different topics. But that’s me.

Speaking of me, my given name is Trina, but here I’m “Tee Hi”. I have a BA in Communications, emphasis on Journalism, but as life often does, I’m working outside of my field, in Customer Service, though I’m unemployed at the moment… And in my personal life, I’m also known as “$istah Hi~ProsE” in the band I’m in, though I also sometimes go by “HaRmony” or “TeMptra”, if the song warrants either of those personalities.

My gigs here on fiverr are voice-related - voice-overs, funny voices, singing, etc.- but I may also add writing gigs at some point, since I love writing above all else. And I think you see from all of my posts that I’m very good at it, both creatively and grammerly (yes, I know that’s not a word; I’m being facetious).

Aside from all that, I’m still uncertain how I feel about fiverr just yet. I actually created my account in 2014 with writing gigs, but never got any sales, so I gave up. Now, I’m back and I’ve had two sales in my first 2 weeks or so, so I’m more optimistic this time. I’m also in a better place in my life, so my overall outlook on life is better, anyhow. And my daughter is a Level 2 Seller because she started at the same time as me, but didn’t give up. One of HER gigs is to surf the buyer’s website and give her impressions and advice, so I hired her to advise me on how to improve my Profile and Gig write-ups. Granted, I could have just ASKed, but she’s preparing for a wedding in June, so she needs all the money she can get and I like giving her another sale and review, so it’s a win-win.

And I tend to be long-winded at times, too, as you can see. So in the interest of not wearing out my welcome, I’ll end this here, but I’m pretty friendly, so feel free to hit me up, if you want.


You need to be careful about this.
If Fiverr sees people buying gigs from each other and sharing an IP address then they could think it is misbehavior and suspend the accounts. Im sure it was innocent and well-intentioned but you need to be careful about how it looks to Fiverr.


Thank you, but we don’t actually share an IP address; she’s in school - pursuing her Master’s degree - in Ohio, while I’m now living in Illinois…

I will go ahead and add that it’s completely above-board; on another forum, I asked about videos, so it’s obvious I’m interested in help on my Profile and gigs. And I was thinking I’d hire someone here to assist me, when I remembered her gigs and figured, why not HIRE her Instead of just asking for free advice.


I´ve already posted in a few interesting threads I saw, but guess I can still say hello as I´m still new here :slight_smile:

This ^ was the first line of my introduction post! :slight_smile: :raised_hand:

Welcome, Trina/Tee Hi, even if you´re awfully late with your introduction. :wink:


Ha ha ha! Obviously I don’t KNOW, but I assume this happens alot – People come to the forums, seeking assistance and then LATER get around to introducing themselves…And welcome to you, too, Miiila; it’s a pleasure.


Welcome Tee… Best of luck.


Thank you so much, Saddu!