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Finish first job, finally

hi everyone,
I finish my first job with 5 start rating,


congrats. keep it up.

Congratulation .You haven’t replied of my previous comments.

However … Best Of Luck …

@jhakz1234 why you write this message my every post. i contact fiverr support, then create you account.

I had suspected that you have multiple accounts …And you are just spamming forum… I have posted that comment in your one post Not in every posts. You are posting threads like "I have completed dot dot amount of orders " And never replying anyone’s comments …It will be better if you reply our comments in your thread. And thanks for replying … :wink:

Best Of Luck


@jhakz1234 I never told you. i completed lots of order. and i never threads you. i am not a new seller. i am working in fiverr since 2018. so i am little bit know fiverr rules. i told fiverr support , then i open new account. please don`t reply my post.
Thank you

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congratulations !!!:slightly_smiling_face:


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congrats bro:+1::+1:


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congratulations to you

Congratulations :handshake::handshake:

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Thanks everyone…