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Finished 12 orders but not yet level 1

It says that after finishing 10 orders you will become level 1 but even after finishing 12 orders with 100% rating I still haven’t got the Badge, can you help me?

  • I have seen that some other people said that they got level 1 within 10 days

I think you have to be active for 30 days, according to

I’ve been active for over a month with over 70 orders and still not level one, so I’m not sure how it works exactly…

Anyway good luck :wink:

Just keep up the good work, stay active, deliver on time, be polite and you will be promoted to level 1 soon. You have to be active for at least 30 days and completed at least "10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings ".

Reply to @intrepidvideo: You have completed more than 70 orders but what about your cancellation rate. It has a huge impact on levels.

Reply to @kokoha: Oh really? I didn’t know that, I have 7 cancelled orders by mutual agreement, nothing negative, so I don’t see how that can have an affect? Thanks for the tip though.

Reply to @intrepidvideo: I lost my level 2 status twice in 2012 due to lots of cancellations though all of them were by mutual agreement so it does have an affect. In your case i don’t think you have too many cancellations but nobody but Fiverr knows how their automatic system works.

Warnings and any kind of abuse also have an impact of getting levels.

Good luck and i wish you a level-2 badge very soon. Try also getting in touch with customer support to ask if you are not banned from getting levels for some reason.

just waiting for the moment, it will be level 1 if you can get minimum 20 orders

You need to be on Fiverr for 30 days before level 1. I did 98 gigs before hitting level one just because I didn’t make the time requirement. Also, even when you’re at 30 days, they could wait up to 48 hours before deciding to promote you. The people stating they hit level 1 in 1 day or 10 days, etc. are misleading. They have been on Fiverr for longer than that time.

You can also contact Customer Support if you made the minimum requirements but still have not been leveled. I was penalized for something I did the first week I was on Fiverr but CS was nice enough to tell me what I did wrong and after some groveling and pretty please’s, I got my warning lifted.

Also, ALL cancellations count for something, even the ones that are done by admin. I try my hardest not to cancel at all. I have 3 cancellations so for, out of 106. Even if someone is being difficult, I do my best to deliver it anyway.

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Thank you everybody I am still waiting and waiting. I wish when I hit the 30 day thing, they will promote me. I will love to offer some add on.

i complete 16 orders with 10 positive in 3 weeks but still didn’t get first level.can help me

I complete 10 orders with 97% Positive Rating withing 19 days …

But need to know after 30 days … can I move level 1? or What can I do?

Thanks to all

I complete 10 orders with 100% Positive Rating withing 24 days …

But need to know after 30 days … can I move level 1?

But i have cancelled 5 order on mutual aggrement due to Buyer`s fault !!


Yeah, you’ll be fine.

If girl ask help has many views and too much comment :-)) =)) :smiley:

Hi gang! I’m new here as a seller and wanted to chip in on this thread with a question. I’ve made 11 sales since I joined 9 days ago, but I made a stupid mistake with my first ever gig - I linked to a portfolio of work (writing samples) that weren’t on fiverr. It was a genuine, honest mistake and when I emailed for some help they lifted the suspension on the gig pretty quickly. Do you reckon this will affect my chances of levelling up? I love it here :frowning:

One of my friend got promoted to Level 1 seller by just completing 4 orders. He received $5 tip in 3 orders. May be this helped him to become Level 1 seller.

Admin Note: This is not actually possible at all. Even if the tips were made with a Tip gig as separate purchases instead of through the tip system, 7 sales will not trigger level 1 which is automatic. All sellers need a minimum of 10 separate sales to trigger the level 1 promotion.

I had just complete 10 orders but I am not promoted, i have being active for more than 30days

I have completed 10 orders without any negative and cancellations. What about me ??. Anyone help please…

hello please answer me, i have already completed the conditions of level 1 2 months ago , so i have already completed 30/30 days without warning, but now I have received a warning with a misunderstanding, and I will know if the warnings counter will consider the old statistics or I have to wait another 30 days

You will have to wait for another 60 days not 30 days.

Does this mean I need to be online for the number of hours that make up to 30 days?