Finished 200 orders Since April


I have been getting a fair amount of orders, and this is even after I have raised my prices. What I have noticed since I increased my prices a week ago is that I am no longer getting smaller orders. Less people are flocking to me to order the bare minimum.

Most of my clients seem to be regulars, which I enjoy. However, I don’t know if I should worry about getting newer clients?

It would be good to know that my clientele will not dry up while I am looking for other baskets to add my eggs to.




Oh, my proofreader side just noticed the “Wid” instead of “With”. Did you catch that? :smile: I picked it because it was pretty.


Completely ignore that worry, I just got 2 new clients today.


I don’t think the word “wid” was a mistake. That is a nice blend of correct standard English, and a “variation” of English entirely made up of slang and southern word shortenings. It give it a hint of spice.


how many order you are getting per month?


It depends on the month. Last year I had about 50 orders. I have had 13 orders this month so far.