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Finished before I started


First week on fiverr. Recommended by a friend who is a digital nomad and gets lots of work from here.
I set up some gigs, and just a couple of days later got a $5 job. Hooray. Job done, everyone happy, and the buyer gave me 4 stars for everything. Not unreasonable, I thought. Fair enough.
Another job comes through, and after bit of discussion back and forward we agree on an action and a price. Order placed, but then it emerges that we had a misunderstanding so the job was cancelled by mutual agreement.
Now I have a big orange banner across the top of my seller page saying I need at least 90% positive rating to make new offers! And If I can’t make new offers I won’t get known or get a good reputation for doing jobs. So I am finished before I begin, unless anyone can offer a suggestion how to get out of this predicament?


You won’t be able to respond to buyer requests, but you can still earn through your normal gigs. I think Jon would be quick to tell you to find your target customers and bring them to you.
Edit: There’s Jon as I’m typing. Take it from the man himself.


Have you considered working to market and promote your service elsewhere – wherever your target customers are located? If you can’t make use of the Buyer Request section because your cancellation rating is too low, you can always bring in your own customers.


It just so happens that we were both responding at the same time… you beat me to it. :wink:


I currently get most of my online work through private consultancy. I was looking to expand my options and get additional work through fiverr. I have set up my gigs, so I guess if anyone comes looking for my skill set they can find me on there. I would be willing to promote myself and actively seek work on fiverr, but it looks like that is now not possible.


Maybe one route is blocked off for the time being, but there are many others to take.


Such as? That is why I posted here. What other avenue on fiverr would allow me to promote myself?


I would recommend taking a test - it boosts your gigs (if you pass)
You can also contact Fiverr Support to see if they can help


Obviously there’s organic search traffic, which will eventually bring you something. What we’re suggesting, though, is that you do a significant portion of the marketing externally and utilize Fiverr as a platform for the transaction.

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I disagree. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it, establish goals, and work to achieve them. Promote yourself, and build a name for yourself on Fiverr – both are most definitely possible.


Why would I do that? I would just be giving up part of my fee for no discernible benefit. I came here because I wanted to get more work. Having a good reputation on fiverr is not an end in itself for me.
Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. I will just put down my fiverr incursion to experience and look for other ways of getting more work.


Were you hoping that Fiverr would provide all of this work to you, without you having to do any work to earn it? Many new buyers seem to come to Fiverr and expect that they’ll suddenly have all sorts of miraculously-appearing work, merely because they choose to host gigs here. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

You have to earn your work here, just as you do in any other business venture.


The thing is most of the sellers can’t find buyers so they need someones help to find buyers. they think fiverr will it & for that they will pay 20% commission to fiverr…


Well, everyone gets the one or other unreasonable buyer, ‘ordered by accident’ cancellations and other such fun things over time.

It’s very unfortunate if you get them right at the start, obviously, as you don’t have prior good ratings to balance it out.

As you only started and don’t have many good reviews to lose, another option would be to close your profile and open a new one and hope for better luck.
If you would consider that, make very sure you first close down your current account (you’d probably get a confirmation mail for that) and only once it is closed, open a new account (because having more than 1 account at the same time is a good way to get permanently banned). You also can’t use the same email as for your current account. I’m on my phone so it’s bothersome to link but you can find a Fiverr help center article on the closing account process, possibly if you search for ‘close account’ or ‘change username’ (closing current/opening new account is the only way to ‘change’ one’s username).


Hi Jon,
No I get quite a bit of work a;ready, but I have the capacity for more, and I was looking at fiverr as a possible source of that. I investigated how it worked, set up my profile and half a dozen gigs, and began sending offers. I was pleasantly surprised when I got two orders in my first week - I thought it would take longer. One job was completed and the client said they were very happy with the work. I do not know why they gave me four stars instead of five, but it did not seem unreasonable to me at the time. The second job was cancelled by mutual agreement. And now I am blocked from sending further offers.
I came onto this forum to ask for help, and have received three concrete suggestions that might actually bring me more work.

  1. Wait for customers to find me on fiverr
  2. close my account and start again (which is what I will probably do, once I have retrieved the $4 from my job), and
  3. Send clients that I find elsewhere to fiverr so that I can pay fiverr 20% of my fee, and eventually raise my score that way (not an option I would seriously consider, for reasons that should be quite obvious).

Thanks anyway for engaging in this conversation, but my experience of fiverr thus far is not one I have found worthwhile or worth recommending to anyone else.


Actually, most new sellers that want buyers aren’t doing anything practical to find their buyers. And it is not appropriate for them to expect someone else to find those buyer for them. Sellers here on Fiverr have to manage their gigs just like any other business – that includes marketing, promoting, and establishing their gigs. Things do not happen – and goals are not reached – unless you work hard, smart, and persistently to MAKE them happen.

That 20% is a sales commission that Fiverr keeps, it is not a “you pay us 20% and we’ll do the work for you” agreement. That’s not how Fiverr works.