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Finished delivery... but can't deliver it?

Hello everyone. Thank you for reading. I need your responses fast right now because I am about to deliver something. I made a video for someone, but it exceeds the Fiverr 1 GB limit. I am uploading it to google drive and sending her a link, but don’t I have to include something in the delivery to complete it? I need this answered quickly please, as there are only a few more hours left in the delivery.


Take a screenshot from the video you made and upload that.

Make sure you send the Drive link in the same message as the actual delivery and you should be fine. Pretty sure that’s how most people do it when they can’t upload the whole thing.


Thanks! Will do just that, thank you for responding so quickly!

You could also attach a compressed version of the video that fits under the 1 GB limit to the delivery, along with the link to the full sized version.

This is good if you want the video to possibly be added to your live portfolio (buyer permitting).


Why don’t you just make a zip file?

Hi. In this case, I send a screen shot of the Google drive shared folder.

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Unfortunately, there are instances of buyers who don’t have a clue as to how to open or extract zip/rar files and give a negative review because they think they’ve been scammed.

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In this day and age, there is no possible way. Even my mother can extract a .zip file, and I saw her plug an HDMI cable into itself and get confused when her monitor was “broken.”

I work in IT, and damn near every day I get users asking me to extract documents from .zip files their clients have sent them.

These people do exist. I think it’s because they get used to doing something one way, and then never learn any other method.


Christ, I feel bad. It’s just right click and extract…

I’m going after a CS degree, so heaven forbid I get stuck in your boat…

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Agree, i do most of the time. After order its completed and marked i send full hq file to customer the link.
Otherwise attached link he can download and cancel order

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just attach the screenshot then add the download link on the deliver content section

Zip files don’t generally compress video (that’s already compressed with a codec like h264) much further if at all.

A lower resolution (and lower bitrate) video could be made for proof of work and to show in the portfolio, since the max the portfolio stores is 720p anyway. eg. if the actual video is 1080p or higher, that could be a google drive link but the attachment could be 720p at around 5 Mbps.

You can upload a image or screenshot of your video with your drive link

Thank you everyone for responding. Your responses have helped me. Thank you!

Its better to decerease quality and send it over, person with screenshot cant be sure its edited like it was supposed to be.
That will just bring extra revision trust me

Yes, that’s also a good suggestion. Thank you.