Finished first month with over $200


Hello! I was on fiverr during beta and made $5 per order. I was doing a ridiculous amount of work and making almost nothing. I’m loving the new fiverr, except for the fact that there’s still no way to protect sellers from scamming buyers and of course the blind reviews are not an improvement.

But this post is supposed to be positive. Happy to say I finished my first month as a new seller and I managed to make over $200, which is a lot better than I expected being so new. I wish I had come back to fiverr sooner. It’s a big help after filling up a massive amazon cart to give my kids Christmas.

I’ve been lurking here a lot trying to get a better understanding of how everything works around here now. I’m really enjoying this forum and hope to contribute more myself. The couple of times I’ve posted with questions I was happy to get responses quickly. This seems like a fun group.

Anyway just wanted to put up a celebratory post for my 1 month mark and say hi to all of you. Glad to be here.

Thanks for reading!


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Wow! Congratulation.It’s really great for new seller.


congratulations to you.


that’s nice keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Congratulations! You are doing great work.


That’s great! I wish you willl have further succes, I still haven’t gotten any orders, but hopefully it will change soon. Good luck :slight_smile: :blush:


That’s a solid first month! Congratulations Brittany!


Great! @designsbrittany, Good Luck!!!


Congratulations fellow “fiverrian”


Thanks for your testimonial. It is inspiring for me, now that this is my 1st week as a service provider (I started as a customer only) … Let’s see how it goes from now on! :slight_smile: Good luck to all !!


Congratulations to you