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Finished my First order 3 days ago but still not getting any 2nd order yet

I cant get any order after my first order 3 days passing. Any solution? My active hours are quit good.

I am like you. If you find the solution, please share it.

How you manage to get your first order? If you get it from buyer request, then you should send buyer request often untill your gigs got better impressions.

How many impression you get right now?
and How many click?
This two stats is the most important.

If your impression is below 2000, this means you need to promote your gigs more… or try to change gig tag.

if your click and impression high, but no order, then you failed to convince buyer to order from you. --> Need to improve gig description, thumbnail, check price etc.

Wish you luck,

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As simple as it sounds.

my impressions is under 2000 noteven 2000 500+ only and i have joined this month. SO what should i do?

Thanks for best information

You could do some research from this forum.
There are tons of information on how to improve gigs performance better.

For examples:

You got first order on first month, it’s way better than thousand new seller.