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Finished work not displayed in gig overview?


I had finish my order and delivered them. my buyer have given rate review and clicked the picture too, but why my work not displayed on my gig overview? anyone know about that? what can i do to fix it or maybe someone ever experienced same like that?


There are 2 reasons why your delivered imagery is not displayed on your profile or gig.

  1. It takes several minutes (Up to several hours) for it to be live on your profile page.
  2. Your client chose to keep his or hers project private.


Thanks @thecreativeguys for the answer.
Probably the second most possible option, since yesterday my work marked complete, and my previous job does not take long so that my work immediately appear, i’ll try to ask my buyer do his project is private.


Please note that I left out the obvious, if he didn’t leave you a review his image wouldn’t be made public.