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Finished Work on Time, Did Revises in the end, They dont like it

Hi there,

new to the forums, im a level 2 seller. however there are some clients that ruin my day.
this one is very bad. I did all of the work he needed me to work and do all the revises in the end he wanted to cancel. it wasnt fair for my side that ive completed his order and revises and in the end he just dont like the results. he shouldnt order if he wasnt sure on what he is ordering. what can i do with these bad buyers?

im also frustrated on the analytics that it would come down and everything! just because of his cancelations.


I am sorry to hear that. :disappointed_relieved: Your art is very cute.

At least your reviews were not brought down. :wink:

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Take his money and don’t accept his cancellation, you did the work + revisions, you deserve to be paid. I did that mistake in the past with some scammers where I cancelled the order instead of taking a bad review. Not anymore.


The buyer didn’t like the work? So what?

If I go to a restaurant, order a meal, have the restaurant prepare the meal in accordance with my specifications, and eat it… am I entitled to a refund of my money simply because I didn’t like the meal’s taste?

Of course not. If you delivered an order under the parameters (which you set!) of the Gig to which the order relates, never, and I do mean never, offer a refund simply because the Buyer did not like what she/he received. Buyers are not entitled to free work, nor are they entitled to cancel an order for want of personal taste.

The ToS makes this explicitly clear, and as such CS would have stood by you, had you declined the cancellation request.


Thank you so much for the help !
I reported it to CS and just cancelled his order because he never stops clicking that request for revision. I gave up in the end and blocked him so that he could never order again. this was very frustating and stressful but i must move on to my next order. thank you very much! :slight_smile:

The sad thing is that blocking is not permanent as a Forum member noted in another post. Also blocking only keeps them from messaging you. The buyer can still place another order. But usually they don’t. :wink: