[FINISHED} Youtube views for everyone!


Hello Fiverrs :slight_smile:

I will give away 500-1000 views to everyone. 1 Fiverr user = 1 video.

Please provide me with video and current views (example: http://youtu.be/KrVC5dm5fFc - 12.343.314views).

Here is my YouTube gigs: http://fiverr.com/pipelin/collections/youtube-marketing so i will be very thankful if you collect my gig.

Fiverr Rocks!

Edit: This giveaway finished, i will offering something other soon :slight_smile:



Hello @sm_coverman

My views are Time Watched http://j.mp/Re8X80pipelin and i combine the views to have effect on video ranking.

If you have some questions feel free and post here :slight_smile: Why not try my giveaway? :slight_smile:


hello pipelin, just want to ask: are this real view from real visitor?



okay, I will try :slight_smile:


@sm_coverman you can also send me message on fiverr.


Can you get views for this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEVb8mK1lyk ?



Your video currently have: 2.803 views.

Your video will get views in about 12hours or less.


Hello pipelin, can you give me view for this video below:


Thanks before


@pipelin I just follow your collection


Thank you :slight_smile: @sm_coverman

Your video currently have 15 views.


I would appreciate it if you get me views for this video:


Current Views: 18

Thanks a lot!



Thank you!


@shawnecannon and @momenly your videos will get views soon.

Also http://fiverr.com/pipelin/collections/youtube-marketing follow my collection :slight_smile:



Followed,you can also follow my gig



Reply to @pipelin: followed!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SFFAyQej38 This one? :smiley:


@caiterz your video have 151 views currently.


5 videos in total. First one got the views.


Reply to @pipelin: Let us know how you get 1000 views to our video…



Views delivered.

Now you have: 3.691 (there will be about 100-200+).